Market Your Writing Services For Free

Are you a provider of professional writing and editing services? To reach more potential clients, you need to market your services, but there’s no need to spend a fortune on costly campaigns. By putting in a little time and effort several times a month, you can market yourself absolutely free.

Get a Craigslist account. Play by the rules, and Craigslist can be a great avenue to promote your writing services. The online classified ads network has been around since Craig Newmark launched it in 1995. Still a free service after all these years, Craigslist is an often overlooked vehicle for connecting writers with clients. Just as you can sell your sofa or piano here, you can promote your business.

Start by creating a free Craigslist account. Having an account enables you to post more frequently and across multiple cities. Starting with a city of your choice, click on the “write/ed/tr8” link under “services.” This will bring you to the “writing/editing/translating” category. Click on “post” on the upper right, and follow the instructions. Be sure to use the “anonymize” option for your email address to decrease the likelihood of getting spammed. Under “specific location,” write “Anywhere.” Keep your post succinct, and include your website or blog address.

With a Craigslist account, you can create numerous ads – one for each city of your choice. No need to restrict yourself to just your own town or state. Make your ads unique. Always keep them appropriate, and never misrepresent yourself. By following the rules you’ll avoid getting flagged, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of this great option for free marketing.

Create your online presence with a blog. Launching your own blog is easy and can be accomplished in a day. A blog is especially helpful if you don’t have your own website. In fact, you should treat it as a website even if you already have another site in place. Keep your blog’s presentation and content professional. This is not your personal diary – it’s your professional online presence.

Blogs can be created via WordPress or Blogger. Other blog publishing systems include Movable Type and Drupal. I use WordPress and, so far, I like it a lot. Setting up my blog was straightforward, and adding posts is quick and easy.

Your blog posts should be informative, with content that someone who might be interested in writing services (or some aspect of writing) would find useful. Self-promotional material can be included in an “About Me” or “Services” page. Once your blog is running, include the link in your email signature, on your Craigslist ads, with your article bylines, and wherever else you can insert it.

Launch a Facebook fan page. More and more people are using Facebook for professional purposes. A fan page allows people to join by “liking” your page. When you create a fan page to promote your writing services, keep it tasteful, professional, and informative. You’ll draw people in by the useful tips you share; personal invitations via email or Facebook will increase the number of people who “like” your page. Make sure your page isn’t just one big commercial. It has to contain the right mix of relevant information with occasional promotional content.

Feel free to use other social networks for marketing purposes. If you’re comfortable with LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other network, figure out a way to use it tastefully and legitimately for your promotions.

In addition to doing online marketing, keep at it with word of mouth. This old-fashioned method still works today. The more you get the word out about your business, the better your chances of finding great new clients.

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Content Writing Services – Tips To Get A Good Quality Web Content Writing Services

The Internet is a highly popular and comprehensive source of information. However, in search of quick information on the Internet can be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are billions of websites and iota € ™ s not humanly possible to find all the information you need. This is where search engines come in handy. Anyone whoâ € ™ s familiar with the Internet is aware that these search engines can make the whole process easier and faster.

You can use the advanced search option provided by the search engines or search using a phrase or a specific word. The advanced search option provides Internet users with more specific options. However, the more specific you are, the better the results. Each presents items to get their products and services in the market. This is easily done by establishing a link in the web content or site content is subjected. And since many sites Dona € ™ t accept articles that blatantly advertise products or services, these items are disguised as news.

But even then, to capture the attention of consumers, they need to be well written. And this can get help from one of the web content, many writing services in India.

And you can use these same search engines to find quality web content services in writing.

There are many web content writing services worldwide. However, the problem that most people looking for good web content writing services is how to distinguish good from bad.

Therefore, if you € ™ re looking for information on the web or put your own information, iota € ™ s important to consider the quality of web content and presentation. And the most popular destination for those who need good web content writing services is India. With so many options in the way web content writing services India, web sites available today, it is necessary to discern to separate the good from the mediocre.

There are several questions you should ask when choosing a web content writing service in India. They can help you judge the quality of service of website content writing and the accuracy of the information they provide on their web site.

What is keyword density? Why is it so important in the use of SEO Article writing services?

Keyword density is an important part of SEO copywriting services, and in articles and blogs. To better understand how it works, let’s start with the basics. First, SEO is the general term for search engine optimization. The process of optimizing your website to attract more traffic and build a search engine ranking higher. SEO activities can range from the creation of links that are posted in forums, comments on blogs or social networks and lead to your site, or the creation of articles and blogs through writing services that will create content that is Search engine optimized with the correct keyword density “.”

So you know where the keyword density is adjusted, but it really is? Keyword density is the SEO jargon for the number of times, in various materials, your keyword appears in an article, blog or page.

Example. He has a web page with 200 words. This includes titles, subtitles, and all that content. If your keyword is found in those words 6 times, you have a keyword density of 3%. Here’s a formula that will guide you to calculate this for any amount of content. Your keyword density is the number of keywords divided by the total number of words on the page, multiplied by 100.

Rules for keyword density

Here is a rule of thumb I’ve found that applies to almost any type of web content created by SEO writing services that have a keyword density. Anything less than 2% the density is very low, only 4% is too much. Why is this? Search engines must be able to find your content, and you want your “keyword” real key word (which it will be if search engines can not pick it up). But you do not want to “spam” content with excessive use of keywords, either. And for most of the articles and blogs, which starts after 4%.

Mounting keyword density

Say for example, your business was a software company. You like things like “software”, “programs” or the names of specific software to sell your keywords. This is someone writing in “software” in the Google search box would be able to get through the content. So, gather a list of keywords. It happens to the writing services you’ve hired. Take each keyword and create an article around it. He now has website content search engine that can actually collect. And because it has chosen the service quality of the writing is still readable and attractive to humans.

Did you realize that this article was built around “writing services?” I know, I just got the secret. Put the word SEO means placing the correct density keyword the correct number of times in the article, press release, or blog. You do not want to put it there too: all that is over 5 to 6 key words in 400 words will be rejected by the boards of major items such as electronic publishing. But you need the right amount. This is where the quality of fits SEO copywriting services