Writing Articles That Benefit Readers

Writing articles that are informative is a big first step towards getting people to read them. I did say FIRST step! When you write an article the intention is always to compose something that will benefit the readers. It is all too easy however to get caught up in the writing process and overlook a few key elements of your article. These elements actually have more to do with knowing how to ‘communicate’ your thoughts than knowing how to write an article. It is almost funny how often we can take something that is relatively simple and make it complicated. The fact is that the most popular articles online are the most that are the easiest to read.

Here are 3 ‘rules’ you want to make an effort to follow to help you consistently produce popular articles for your readers.

Write Simply

Use a style in which ALL readers can understand what the heck it is you are trying to say. By rambling on or using words with which you may be comfortable but the reader is not you can cause confusion or disinterest. Even the best information will be wasted if you write an article that is difficult for readers to understand or follow.

Offer Insight

Do not be afraid to offer your opinion or insight on a particular subject to the reader. Try to remember during the writing process that you want to have a conversation with your readers and voicing your opinion is a natural part of any conversation. Besides most everybody is interested in what others think since this helps them to form their own opinions. In addition your insight and/or opinion can add some ‘spice’ to what may be an otherwise boring topic.

Aim to Instruct

Try to always teach the reader something new whether it is a skill, resource, style, or technique. Popular articles are so based upon what they offer to the reader and how easy it is for people to understand what the article is trying to convey. If you got a point to make always try to do so as simply and clearly as possible.

When writing articles every author obviously wants to share knowledge, humor or some other type content that readers will appreciate. Good information is obviously important but it needs to be communicated in a way that is appealing to most people. The 3 rules we spoke of above are things to keep in mind during the writing process to help make your article more beneficial to readers and easier to understand.

The Role of Keywords When Writing Articles

Writing articles and submitting them to directories is a great way to increase your online presence. In fact article directories are more or less ‘shopping malls’ for all kinds of online businesses big and small looking for content they can use. In this way any article composed by you can than be circulated around on the internet exposing it to an even larger audience. Another way in which you can tremendously increase the exposure of anything you compose is by using proper keyword optimization tactics. Simply stated by choosing the right words or phrases and strategically placing them throughout your content, you will make your article much easier to find online. The proper keyword research and placement requires just a little extra work on your part but the results make it more than worth your while.

Here is how using proper keyword optimization tactics will significantly boost the exposure of any content you may submit to online article directories.

Relevance is Established

After you carefully select only those words and phrases most relevant to your article you need to place them in a way easy for search engines to detect. Using your primary keyword/phrase in the first sentence of both your opening and closing paragraphs is recommended. Sprinkle your secondary keywords throughout the body of your articles but be careful NOT to overuse them. Now you have made your content much easier to locate!

Ranking is Established

After search engines inspect your content they will judge whether there is relevancy between the keywords you have used and the premise of your article. Assuming that there is, since you selected the best words and/or phrases, search engines will now ‘reward’ you with a good ranking. Now people can locate your content by simply doing an internet search based upon the topic your wrote about. In this way you do not need to rely upon them finding it in the article directories. You have increased the ways in which it can be found! This obviously expands your online presence!

Article Exposure is Increased

At this point you have now positioned yourself within the article directories but also gained a good placement within the search engine rankings as well! By using a few simple keyword optimization tactics you have significantly increased the chances your articles will be located. The result, tons more free traffic to your site!

Writing articles is more of the most effective and time tested ways of increasing the online presence of any person, purpose or business. Article directories make your content freely available for people to read and even use thereby giving you the perfect platform for expanding your exposure. Taking it one step further, through the use of proper keyword optimization tactics, you can tremendously magnify the amount of exposure you can receive. The discussion above serves to show how the proper use of keywords within your content can literally explode the amount of exposure you can receive. If gaining a strong online presence is a goal of yours when submitting articles, keyword optimization is a strategy you definitely need to add to your mix!

Writing Articles Can Be a Lucrative Part of Online Marketing

Most of us don’t necessarily enjoy writing about anything, however, once you learn the process and start writing, promoting your business and making money, writing can become a money making source that can provide a constant flow of residual income. Just writing an article once in a while and then doing nothing to promote that article is of no value now or in the future. Your writings can be in the form of informative articles or just using a basic blogging format, either way your efforts in writing can be a rewarding personal and financial experience.

It has been my experience that by writing often and publishing my articles to multiple article directories has boosted my page rankings rather quickly with the search engines. There are many other options that you may choose to publish your writings depending on the subject matter you choose to write about. A good example would be: if you write about a rare illness that you or a loved one has had and you’ve experienced some remarkable results with an unusual medical protocol, then you may want to publish your writing in the health and wellness categories of numerous article directories. If your writing is unique, accurate and compelling your article may even go into syndication.

If you happen to be one of those individuals who just can’t bring yourself to writing, then you might want to outsource your content ideas and have someone else write for you. Make sure that you get the exclusive rights to publish if you choose this course of action. If you have a published website you can include your writings in a blog that can be attached directly to your website. One word of advice that will help you succeed quickly is to always include a resource box at the end of each writing which should include a brief description of who you are, your credentials and no more than 3 links pointing back to your main website. Make sure you keep your resource box to less than 300 characters including your links.

Most any type of article will do, however, a keyword rich article regarding your chosen subject matter will draw a lot more traffic of viewers as well as getting more recognition by the search engines. This simply means that your website or article can earn “Top Positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing” and other fine search engines. Most writers don’t think that their articles can make it to top 10 positions with the search engines. I am here to tell you my friend that writing good keyword rich relevant content articles and publishing them on a regular basis can earn you those coveted search engine positions rather quickly.

There are varied opinions on how long your articles or blogs should be. Some bloggers try to keep their blogs to around 200 to 300 words in each blog. This is fine and can be extremely effective. Most of my writings whether I’m publishing in directories or posting to blogs will normally have around 800 to 900 words. Sometimes if I get a bit carried away I will end up being 1000 to 1200 word article.

Many readers like the shorter articles, however, those readers who are interested in learning a specific subject may find the longer articles acceptable. Many writers will even take a longer article and divide their writing into multiple segments. This is fine for your regular readers who follow your writings, however, first time visitors may not subscribe to your RSS feed and miss out on some of the most vital segments that you’ve listed in the rest of your series of writings. This is a personal choice for each writer to determine.

Your main objective here is to generate traffic to your website or blog. The more traffic you generate the more chances of making money with your quality information. After all isn’t that what marketing is all about? The main thing to remember here is that your writings belong to you and you can post them anywhere you like, as often as you want. There are even companies online who will pay top dollar for good quality articles. There are other online marketplaces where you can post your articles that you may want to sell. Be sure and get your share of profits using this incredible business opportunity strategy.

If you are one of those writers that’s never shared you opinions with the general public, then you don’t really know what you’re missing. A good marketing idea that is worth consideration may be to build an articles link in your website and then promote your articles from your website. You’ll be amazed how much interest you’ll generate with this one simple step. Readers love fresh information and they will keep coming back for the quality information your writings provide. For the users benefit it’s always helps to provide them with an RSS feed link to click on.

Your articles must be truly unique and you must avoid plagiarism at all cost. Some hefty fines, sanctions and court cost can occur if you are caught plagiarizing someone else’s work. Sometimes outsourcing you ideas and letting someone else do your writings may include some serious copy and paste tactics. If you do choose to outsource make sure you check for uniqueness and copy infringements in every outsourced article. It’s your future at stake here so check, double check and protect your online reputation at all cost.