Why Aren’t You Benefiting FULLY From Article Marketing?

Article marketing is your indispensable tool for promoting your website. It’s a self-generating marketing machine that produces a constant flow of traffic to your website from multiple sources. But why aren’t you benefiting FULLY from your article marketing campaigns? If you are looking to establish your business with more refined article marketing strategies, read on to find out the key parameters to look out for:

Attract new traffic to your website

Distributing your article to a multitude of sources such as Article Directories, Blogs, online publishers can result in an explosion of visitors to your website. For instance, if you are posting 5 articles daily to 5 different article directories,that’s 25 articles marketing your website in one day. Imagine if you could get just 5 people to visit each of your 5 articles, on each of the 5 directories daily, that’s 125 article views (5 people per article x 5 articles per directory x 5 article directories) in just one day!

Ensuring that you present a high quality Resource box will also help to convert the article views into a high click-through rate.

Increase Your website link popularity

This goes hand-in-hand with the above example. The more number of sites and directories point to your site, the higher the search engine (e.g. Google) rankings will be for your website. This has a compounding effect in that the higher the ranking (due to other directories linking to your website), the higher the traffic to your website. This creates a win-win situation for you with higher sales from your website or subscribers to your website.

Build Credibility & Expert Reputation in your field

Quality and trustworthiness are those precious elements that are paramount to establishing your business reputation. If you develop your articles in to quality work, people will respect you for your knowledge in your particular field. In turn, website visitors will develop trust in your work, opinion and more importantly, your business!

Positive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Effect

SEO is the process by which search engines find, index and display your website when users search for specific keywords. In essence this process makes your website more accessible to the search engines. It involves a number of on-page and off-page techniques like creating links with the site to be optimized, and using keyword-rich of your website to increase rankings. Article marketing is a brilliant SEO tool as it allows you to increase your website rankings by combining the use of keywords and link building.

Build Goodwill Among Prospects

Article marketing that identifies a certain need for your prospects, and if it fulfills that need for the prospects, this will increase their intrigue in your business. If people can benefit from your article, either in terms of their business or in terms of their personal lives, they will automatically develop a sense of loyalty towards your brand name and your business. It’s a great way to develop rapport with the prospects and shows them how your service or products can help them. To really benefit from article marketing and reap the rewards of higher sales in your online business, feel free to take a read of the comment below.

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