Quality Content Writing: What You Need To Look For

If you have been an online writer for quite some time and spent your precious moments writing for the web, you must have had those times when you hear disaster gossips and myths about web writing. So how do you feel? Pity? Anxious? Furious? Or Ridiculous? Well, if you are a religious writer, one of these emotions would have hit you real hard somewhere at the creative membrane!

I can see those hands going up!

I belong to the similar bandwagon. However, given the personality system that I have, it’s disappointing to know that perceptions floating around aren’t real as they should be. So all the wrong gossips compelled me to share my melancholy towards the myths prevailing about web content writing.

Let’s clarify things:

Writing is easy – For all those who get a sudden rush of conviction that they can write, they should ponder over the level of creativity and acumen that’s required to map and create a great content. Any form of writing is tough and doesn’t come easy. Clients who meet us with an excuse that they need content writing services simply because they don’t have the time for writing, make me sarcastically grin within. For creative sake, writing is not a brownie. Casually writing for the sake is one thing, and writing to make an impact is another!

Write and relax till readers come – Give me a break! All those in the trade must know that writing a copy and publishing it is not all that matters. Optimizing it is a big deal in itself. A content well written and published minus optimization is like preparing a field where no one came to play. Cohesive optimization and a great writing make a stupendous writer that has the potential to roll in readers as well.

Rewriting is content writing – Many out there have a perception that rewriting an article is precisely content writing, FALSE! It takes a lot of research, analysis and mind structuring to write a superior article.

Content writers are underpaid – Well, I would oppose this hugely. It depends upon how a writer markets his talent and the real calibre as well. If you have the right potential and the right kind of projects, you would be touching pinnacles in no time.

Stuff keywords to rank higher – People who think this way, need real time therapy! A content that is stuffed with keywords is like feeding a belly beyond saturation. In clear words, overstuffing is spamming. Watch out! You will be penalized.

Years of experience matter – Well, I am not willing to go contrary on this, but it’s actually not about the years that count but the substance that a writer produces over and over again. Your quality of work is more appreciated than the time you have spent in the trade. Experience is certainly a trump, but has no relevance when it comes to delivering real fodder. It’s primarily about how eager you are to produce brilliant copies.

BMR Writing – What You Need To Become A Proficient BMR Post Writer

If you want to be proficient as BMR writer and thus take full advantage of the link building power of your BMR account, you need to prioritize the use of your skills so you can achieve maximum performance.

Unlike some other forms of writing where the quality of the content is the key, in BMR writing you are not really looking to dazzle your readers, because most likely your one and only reader will be Google and the other search engines, and although the big G and the rest of the bunch can somewhat tell when a piece of content is absolute garbage, they still do not have the critic eye of a human, thus you really do not need top quality material as much as you need speed, lightning fast post spitting capabilities if you will.

Indeed, the faster you go, the more you will get from BMR because in this particular case you need quantity and not quality in you writing. But, as much as a BMR writer will not have the need for first class writing, he or she will still need to have the ability of creating content free or grammatical errors and that makes sense, at least at a basic level. This is because BMR editors are not easy to bypass, so if you want your posts to be accepted they do not need to be Pulitzer material but they have to be written in good English.

So it is basically two things that you need as a BMR writer, speed and quality at a basic level so to speak. This means that you will be spared the need to be a creative writer or the need to do an extensive research before punching your first letter, because for the search engines it is the same a great article or an average article, as long as both of them are free of obvious grammatical errors or misspellings.

Therefore, in order to reap the benefits of the link building process involved in BMR you have to focus on developing a style of writing where you do not think much about the substance but about the short article making sense and being error free so that it passes the BMR filters and your pieces get indexed by the search engines, which is what will ultimately provide you with the benefit of a link.

If the thought of having to write hundreds of article for posting to your BMR account makes you sick, then do not punish yourself yet take advantage of the link building power of Build My Rank by using this BMR Writer service which provides a fast and flawless submission service at 60% off the BMR outsourcing service.