Website Content Writing is a Profession Rising out of the Needs of Online Marketing

Website content writing is a recognised profession in this age of Internet communication. With markets literally opening up globally contributed by widespread use of superior communication devices complemented by technology, possibilities of trade and commerce have never been brighter. Avenues of marketing is no longer restricted to print and electronic media but has forayed into digital media in form of online communication. In this age it is important to stay connected through web pages, web sites, and networking media to venture into unknown markets. Web pages with effective SEO content writing is one way of reaching out to unknown territories.

Business houses, multinational corporations, and even government departments are trying out alternative means of staying connected to their target audience. The first step in this direction is to have a dedicated web site with optimized content. This could only be done through effective SEO content writing. Companies offering this services hire trained website content writers and SEO content writers for effective webpage writing. These writers are adept at creating web pages that are ranked towards the top.

In this era of global competition there are numerous manufacturers, suppliers, and marketers for a particular product or service. It might be assumed that each one of these manufacturers, suppliers and marketers for a particular commodity has their own web page or web site. Visitors looking for any specific service or product browse through different websites for the desired item. Now, it is common human psychology to visit first five or ten websites pertaining to a definitive commodity. Search engines arrange these websites according to certain parameters which are known to content writing services providers. One of the vital parameters is SEO content writing.

Website content writing with a watchful eye for creating search engine optimized pages is the initial step for making your web page search engine friendly. Use of appropriate
‘keywords’ and ‘key phrases’, introduction of bullet points, and unique content are certain vital features of effective services. Plagiarized content is never entertained by search engines, and owners of plagiarized sites could be blacklisted. Thus to have web pages that are authentic, search engine optimized, and readable it is essential to engage professional content writers and search engine optimizers.

Website content writing is an opportunity rising out of the needs of online marketing. It must be remembered that to stay ahead on this age of cut throat competition you must reach out to as many end users as possible. This is the corner-stone of online marketing and needs to be understood well. Unless your page is ranked near the top of a search there is less possibility of your web site getting visited and you getting high response. Browser traffic must be very high to generate sufficient online business. This could only be ensured by tactful content writing and effective search engine optimization.

How to Write SEO Articles to Promote Your Website

Your website is not optimized for search engines or picked up by their software/ crawlers for higher ranking in search results unless it is keyword rich. In other words, your content should be informative, unique, and relevant to the subject that your website deals with and it should also contain keywords or the words that a user would enter in the search bar to find the products or services you are offering.

Again, a high quality content of this type, by itself, may not be able to attract the search engines to rank your website high on their first pages.

The question, therefore, is: How to optimize your website for high search engine ranking?

One of the most cost effective or even free methods to do so is to write SEO articles about the product or service that your website seeks to promote. The articles should be published in prominent article directories.

The content of the articles should also be keyword rich, informative and compelling so that the readers are motivated to get more information about your offering. If they are interested, they can click the link/s, also called back links, in the articles that will direct them to your website.

Keep in mind that writing just one or two articles will not optimize your website for search engines. You will need to write and submit articles in article directories to get the necessary exposure.

The more the clicks you get, the higher your website will be ranked. A thumb rule for search engine optimization is that the more quality links a website attracts from the searchers through the articles, the higher the page rank the search engines give to the website.

Writing unique, informative and keyword rich content for the website or for article directories is a laborious and time-consuming job. Not every body has the time or the expertise to write SEO articles that can bring them a high page rank. You can contact content writers who specialize in writing copy that is search engine optimized and interesting enough to motivate readers to click on the links and reach the website to find out more about the products and services.

Writing Effective Content for Your Website

Website owners who offer a product or service have 5 seconds to capture the attention of site visitors. If you do not write effective website content to quickly communicate the benefits of what you do, your audience will bounce to the next website in their search results. This bounce rate is the opposite of stickiness. Is your website sticky? These tips on writing effective content for your website can certainly help.

Content needs to describe as much as possible about who, what, where, when, and why on every page with very specific key words and phrases to connect instantly with site visitors including search engines. Avoid technical terms in your website content writing that only those close to your industry understand.

Key word research is the best way to understand what people really put in the Google search box looking for your product or service. Guess when writing content for your website and your competition may have the edge capturing site visitor attention and converting them to buying customers.

Those key words should be inserted in website content in addition to each page title, description, key word list, and page headlines or subheadings, also. Including photographs or graphics will help convey the message beyond text, so a gallery or showcase can help quickly communicate website content details and create a more positive first impression.

When you use quality photographs to insert in pages, those pictures tell what 1000 words cannot. Your message when writing effective website content needs to be communicated based on real world website visitor behavior. People land anonymously on a website unlike visitors met face to face, so the decisions are different than walking into a brick and mortar business.

People instantly notice graphics and the overall professional look, and then scan headlines and perhaps a few words in the first sentence of website content in each paragraph. The majority will rarely read your text verbatim. Headlines, bullet lists, and graphics attract attention more than narrative, and that critical first impression is what will get them to stay and perhaps buy after they explore details later.

It’s important to touch a nerve in the first 5 seconds to convince people to stay on your website. All they care about learning from your website text content is “What’s in it for me if I buy here?”. Initially, site visitors don’t care about the details of features until they are convinced of the benefits, and that message needs to be presented in shorts bits that can be understood instantly.

The strategy for writing marketing material content for consumers is different on the internet, and similar to listening to a joke or reading a novel, people want to know the punchline or ending up front.

Rather than writing website text content that presents your introduction, features, and then benefits in that order like a regular marketing or sales pitch, writing for the web is more effective when you reveal the benefits and outcome first. This writing strategy for online marketing emphasizes the importance of catchy headlines that capture and hold interest quickly.

People will skip over paragraphs on your website that have more than 2-3 sentences, so write content and then edit to eliminate poetic or flowery speech and any unnecessary adjectives. By all means, do not exaggerate.

Keep in mind people go online for one thing: information. Website visitors rarely will buy on the first visit. Most will visit several websites searching for the right mix of content that best answers “What’s in it for me?”. Present benefits in the introduction, and you can still use the formula of introduction, features, and benefits to enhance your skills for writing effective website content.

Site owners who track visitor statistics probably notice the bounce rate mentioned earlier. The majority of visitors land on a page and leave immediately without fully exploring your site. Stating the benefits twice on each page will strengthen your marketing message. Maintaining a consistent message on every page can result in more business by writing effective content for your website.