The Importance and Ways of Article Marketing

Even before the rise of internet, article marketing has been used for decades. From early publications in the 30s, it has shifted to the web in the current 21st Century. The way it has retained its value in marketing clearly underlines its importance for long-term success.

The rise why article marketing is vital is because articles not only allow people to know more about the business or any topic you want to share but also enables major search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo which loves fresh content to top rank. This in turn generates more targeted traffic and customers to your online businesses.

This is how most internet gurus start off since they had little or no money. Compared to pay per click and other marketing strategies, article marketing does not cost you a dime. What you need is time, knowledge and creativity to make your articles stand out from the rest and get people to read them.

In schools, you are also writing articles which are more commonly referred to as compositions and essays. But back then, you are doing so just to impress teachers and get better grades. Now on the internet, you are writing to make money. So impressing readers is not enough. You have to sustain their attention from start to finish. Only then will they see your resource box and click the link.

So how exactly should you make your articles stand out and earn money? Well, here are a few ways.

Choosing The Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords in your article title and body are the most importance. Not only will this enables the search engines to pick up your article but also enables the readers to locate it easily after typing in the keywords.

In case you are new to internet and article marketing, keywords are basically words people type into search engine toolbars to look for what they want.

Let’s say I like bowling but do not know how to bowl. As an internet browser, I will definitely type how to bowl, bowling courses or bowling tips instead of just the word bowling.

Titles like How To Bowl Better Than Your Competitors, 7 Tips For You To Excel In Bowling and Every Beginner’s Guide To Bowling will come in handy. Not only they grab the readers’ attention but practically forces them to read every word of your article since the info is exactly what they need and have been looking for.

Submitting To Major Article Submission Sites

You may not know this. But from time to time, article submission sites have also been ranked by search engines in terms of their popularity and usage by article writers.

Sites like Article City, Ezine Articles and Go Articles are where most writers will go to post their articles. For the rest of the sites, you can a search in Google and other search engines I already mentioned above.

Get Help From Fellow Internet Marketers And Even Gurus

Do that if you have to. You can email to them requesting to put your articles in their sites or blogs. You also need to give them specific reasons and how they themselves will benefit if they allow you to do so.

For that to happen, it is best to target those whose products are in your niche. If you are writing about bowling, you should target those who promote bowling in their sites and blogs. This will make your job much easier and faster to be done.

Reading Other Articles Online And Offline

If you have no idea or limited ideas, you can read other articles online and offline as in magazines, mail letters and newspapers.

Learn to develop a daily habit of reading for at least 1 hour. Once you do so, you definitely will have more ideas and better picture of what you are going to write.

Again I need to stress out that you are not allowed to copy those articles. But you can note down the key phrases and points to use for your own articles.