5 Great Ways to Develop Unique Content

Creating unique content is the core to any strategy that circulates useful information of any sorts online to promote a business or cause. In fact this particular online marketing strategy has been around for a while and stills remains one of the most effective in use on the internet! The only drawback to using content for expanding your exposure online however is that occasionally new ideas to write about are hard to come by for the author.

Here are 5 different sources anybody can tap into when using content for marketing purposes to help find new ideas they can write about.

Article Titles

By simply perusing different article titles in the various online directories you can get plenty of ideas without even having to read the first paragraph. Titles themselves pose questions or provoke enough thought for you to take your own ‘direction’ with them. In fact sometimes by reading any of the articles, angles or ideas your mind may have already been developing can be disrupted.


Titles may not always be enough to help stimulate your creative juices for creating unique and useful information. When this is the case read the description itself to get the gist behind what is contained in the content. You can than take your own unique angle or perspective and compose something entirely new and different.


Look around online at various website, blogs, squeeze pages or other types of internet real estate and write about your impressions. How did something ‘strike’ you as being effective, or possibly even not, and compose something about the ‘why’ behind your impressions. Perhaps even offer up a suggestion, twist or solution and in doing so explain the benefits of your suggestions.

Opinions of Others

Visit forums or blogs and read the comments left behind by other visitors. This type of stuff is great for topics to write about since it is what is on the minds of people and is therefore useful information to your readers as well as you.


Your own experiences offer plenty of insight and perspectives that would be helpful and interesting to others. In most cases you can focus on successes and/or failures and what led to both and what you have learned. Any success you have had leaves footprints therefore share yours openly since readers will find this to be very useful information. Along those same lines using content that focuses on failures is equally helpful since lessons were no doubt learned in those cases as well!

Having the ability to create unique content on a regular basis is a tremendous asset/advantage to anybody who distributes useful information online for exposure. This online marketing strategy is most effective the more you are able to produce and distribute any new information. Sometimes however new or inspiring topics to write about are difficult to come by and the 5 suggestions offered above can easily serve as a source or stimulant for new ideas. The two things you really need when using content like this to make it work effectively for you is a resource of ideas, which we addressed above, and the motivation which only you can supply!

Creating Unique Content For Online Use

Distributing unique content online is a popular and effective way to increase your exposure and generate traffic for your business or purposes. This strategy also helps to build trust and credibility resulting in an increase to your marketing effectiveness as well! The key is to create and circulate useful information that has not been seen before thereby allowing you to be more easily noticed.

Here are 3 qualities that can be added to any content you want to distribute that will make it into more unique and useful information your readers will enjoy.


Your ‘take’ or ‘interpretation’ of something is generally always going to be unique in some way. Not everybody receives and processes information and events in the same exact way. Your insight will likely display an ‘angle’ or meaning that others may not have otherwise considered themselves! In this way you are presenting useful information since it has provoked the thought of others.


Often times your point of view is ‘flavored’ with an attitude or perspective that is a by-product of your own personal experiences. It is fair to say we are all a product of our own past and that our experiences will have an impact on how we act or react to any news or events. Along those lines it is likely that our past will usually have an influence on how we perceive things to be or even how they may further develop.

By sharing your perspective with others you are once again presenting a different point of view that makes people stop and think, hopefully. By helping people to expand their thinking or perspectives in this way you are providing a ‘service’ to them. Assuming that they benefit from this new perspective you are now able to build trust with them. Down the line when you do promote anything to these same people this trust will help increase your marketing effectiveness with them.


Flat out and simple your own experiences and how they differ from those of other people is and always will be unique in nature and worth sharing with others. The circumstance of your life have placed you in a position that many may never see or know and sharing this can be an educational experience for others. This is, in most cases, the purpose and reason behind reading a good book. Once again in this situation you are providing useful information based simply upon your own experiences.

Circulating unique content on the internet serves to increase your exposure and can also generate traffic for you if you so desire. In fact if what you distribute is useful information it will also allow you to build trust and credibility with readers which helps to increase your marketing effectiveness! It is important to maintain a certain uniqueness in what you circulate however to be more easily noticed. The 3 qualities discussed above are something only you can add to whatever type of information you may be distributing and will serve to keep it fresh and original. After all, your personal experiences or opinions can not be duplicated but they can be shared!

Developing Unique Content For Online Use

Developing unique content is a very important promotional strategy for anybody involved in marketing on the internet. There are many applications for using content online such as building websites, blog updates, article submissions and so much more. The challenge is to maintain a consistent flow of unique thoughts and ideas upon which to based any new content development.

Here are 5 suggestions that are very effective for developing any new ideas when using content as part of your online promotional strategy.

Stockpile Ideas

It is quite common for ‘random’ thoughts to strike at any time therefore always have a means available to you to record them before they are forgotten. Now this does not take much preparation and can be simply nothing more than keeping a notepad or some type recording device readily available. Even snippets of thought can be further developed later on for use in your promotional strategy.

Get Away From the Computer

The computer is known for being the information super highway and this is a reputation well deserved. When you are online you are continually bombarded with news, messages, information and other such distractions that occupy your mind and direct your thinking. This is not always a good environment for content development since your mind is busy processing what it is viewing. Allow yourself the ‘luxury’ of stepping away from the computer so you can better focus thus enabling your mind to do wondrous things.


Whatever your niche or blog may be based upon there will always be a need to conduct additional research unless of course your mind is a bottom-less pit of useful knowledge in the field. Quite simply the results of your research efforts will give you plenty to write about and new directions to take concerning your content development strategy. With the new knowledge you have accumulated will also come new perspectives or insights you can use and this alone will make what you write more unique!

Pick Up a Book

Reading is a great stimulus for your mind helping to encourage creative thinking and/or developing ideas both new and old. This is a great example of a situation where you will want to keep some means available with which you can easily record thoughts and ideas!

Maintain Strong Social Contacts

By maintaining your social contacts, whether it may be family, friends or business associates you will be able to stay ‘tuned’ into what is on the minds of others. By keeping a pulse on what the interest, ideas or opinions of others may be you will be able to gather new ideas already knowing they are popular.

Being able to continually ‘churn’ out unique content is a huge advantage when marketing on the internet because it fills so many needs. Whether you are using content to build sites or for use in a promotional strategy developing new ideas is a must but can be challenging. The 5 suggestions offered above serve to help you capture random thoughts while also developing new ones from environments created to stimulate your thinking. Simply keep in mind that it is up to you to recognize these opportunities and to be prepared to capture and develop yours thoughts as they occur!