Tips For Writing an Article That Can Be Understood

The reason for writing articles is to communicate the writer’s thoughts. Honest, that’s all it really is! And the best possible way to do that is to be direct and tell what is on your mind. Also make sure you deliver what the article title promises. If you are writing your work for article marketing, you can’t build a reputation as an authority unless you are being honest.

People enjoy a direct and honest approach and this style of writing conveys what is on the authors mind when they wrote the article. If the article is poorly written, it’s easy to spot. The best advice I can give you is to make sure you have all your thoughts together before you write it.

The first step when writing is to make your intent clear from the start. Your ideas should be presented distinctly and clear so that the reader can understand what’s in the mind of the writer. You don’t have any right to expect your thoughts to be understood unless you spell them out clearly.

Don’t be too hasty in submitting your article. Take the time to read it over a few times and then also have a friend read it. Ask them a few questions about what they read and then listen to the answers. It never hurts to get a fresh perspective on what you’ve written.

Consider the works of the Bible for instance. This is the greatest work of writing ever and it doesn’t beat around the bush when conveying an idea. Why? Because it’s conveyed with conviction. And not just any conviction. It’s written with a sincere and inspired conviction.

Ok, so you aren’t writing an epistle or a prophesy, but you can take a lesson from it. The men who penned the scriptures first made sure they were inspired. What is your inspiration? Before writing your article you ought to first consider what to say, and then how to say it. The writer must first make sure that the ideas they want to express are clear in their own mind.

One thing that might help you to write a better article is to use the KISS rule. Keep It Simple Silly. Try using the simplest words to get the message across. Then using simple words, develop simple sentences. Ever heard the expression: “The more you complicate the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain”?

Now if we could just get lawyers, politicians, and law makers to use this principle.