Turning ‘Old News’ into Quality Content

Quality content is what drives the internet and is always in demand. People are always searching for useful information to further educate themselves or perhaps answer a lingering question. It is a well known fact when publishing content that the more it serves the reader the longer it will circulate online.

So is that to say that once information becomes outdated that it should be discarded and ignored from there on out? Not necessarily since often times this same information can be dusted off, updated and represented with a new twist. In fact using content like this allows you the opportunity to ‘borrow’ an older foundation upon which you can add useful information that has been updated. This not only saves a lot of time and effort in researching and developing content but also offers some unique advantages as well!.

Let’s visit with 3 different ways in which you can update and represent older information and the advantages that come with using content in this manner.

New Perspective

Over time it is very common for any published information to take on a new perspective being that undoubtedly the environment has somewhat changed. What may have once been relevant and useful may now be somewhat tarnished due to changes that have occur since that is one thing time always brings, change. When using content that has some ‘age’ on it it is quite easy and convenient to take whatever stills remains relevant about it and add your own updated perspectives.

More Insight

As the saying goes hindsight is great foresight and this is especially true when ‘reworking’ formally useful information into an updated version of its former self. By adding what it was that was right about the content at the time of its original publication, and why it may no longer apply offers lessons from which readers can learn. These lessons can then be used for the foundation of new ideas that can be cultivated, refine and published for others to benefit from.

Change in Emphasis

Relevance is often time sensitive therefore over time it can and likely will change. That being said old application may be outdated while new application may be unfolding. Using content that has little or no relevance anymore can be effective from the standpoint of presenting it in a ‘historical lesson’ kind of way. Even though the application of some outdated information may serve of little or no use, the lessons that can be learned as to why it no longer applies may help prevent future mistakes. History is always a great teacher and should never be ignored!

People are always looking for quality content online to feed their curiosity, their thirst for knowledge or to simply answer a question. Publishing content that will fill these needs is an endeavor that takes time, effort and creativity. It is very common in most cases to publish something that will in time become outdated and of little use to readers. This outdated information however does offer potential as a source for fresh and useful information and comes with a few advantages as well! The 3 different ways one can ‘refurbish’ outdated material, as reviewed above, emphasizes the use of insight, perspective and a changing environment. By introducing any combination of these qualities when using content in need of a ‘facelift’ you can once again offer readers something fresh and interesting for them to view.

Turning Real Writing Jobs Into My Home Wealth System

When people used to ask me what I was majoring in during college, I said English. When they asked if I was going to be a teacher, I said yes. They would smile and say what else can you do? And I would say, be a waitress with a degree.

And, for a long time, I really believed this to be true. In fact, I believed it to be so true that when I lost my teaching job in a massive reduction in force, I immediately got a job doing what I used to do in college – bartending.

Very quickly I realized, however, that another thing I always believed to be true was in fact true – that very few people can write. When I say write, I don’t mean fire off an email to a coworker or take three days constructing an impressive cover letter. I mean not very many people can sit down day after day and do, for instance, what I am doing right now – writing an article for mass consumption with very little time and effort.

The corporate world is full of real writing jobs. Marketing, in particular, is full of need for competent people who aren’t constantly looking a dictionary or relying on a Word spell check. Or worse, relying on a Word grammar check. If I had gotten one more paper as a teacher where a student’s defense for their terrible grammar was that they had used grammar check… well, they may not have had to lay me off.

Companies are hiring people to write their newsletters or compile data into comprehensive and intelligent sounding synopses for their shareholders, new employees, or whoever else might be interested. Many companies are trying to create an accessible public image by having a blog, or web log, discussing the company’s current events, and they need someone to be able to run it – and maybe post a tweet now and then.

My skills in writing have turned into my home wealth system. When my fiance took a job in California, I went along, doing free lance work for companies that needed technical writers. I can say that without a doubt technical writing is probably the single most boring activity I have ever done, but when I was hanging out in the coffee houses of San Francisco or snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, I really didn’t care.

So if you have the talent and the stomach for it, take a look around you and see if you can find some real writing jobs for yourself. And if you’re lucky, what happens to be my home wealth system could easily be yours.