Tips For Writing Copy to Boost Sales

When writing copy online to increase sales it is vitally important to connect with your reader in order to convey your marketing message. Most people are cynical when viewing any advertising copy due to the amount of hype often used. The most effective way to engage readers is to touch upon an emotional cord with them thereby drawing them deeper into what you have written. Blasting people with outlandish claims tends to increase their resistance to your advertising copy.

Here are 10 subtle tips to use when composing sales content to help you ‘connect’ with people thereby allowing you to more effectively deliver your marketing message.

Attention Getting Headline

Peak the curiosity of readers by ‘hinting’ at what type of ‘sensational’ information awaits them within the body of your content. You must get them to read further into your advertising copy in order to get your points across and/or to persuade them to make a purchase.

Address the Problem

Identify the problem from which readers are suffering and that your offer will address to further engage people even deeper into your copy. At this point you have ‘touch a chord’ with others because they now feel you can relate with what they are going through. It is this connection they will help you better communicate any marketing message you may have.

Offer a Solution

Provide for a people a reasonable solution to their problem and do so in a credible manner. It is here that are are providing some legitimacy to the claims of your solution. You must be believable and convey your message in a clear and logical fashion! Using a more reasonable, deliberate and calmer ‘tone’ in your advertising copy will be soothing to readers thereby lessening their resistance.

Show the Benefits

By showing people the problem as mentioned above you are also reminding them of their discomfort, suffering or pain! Here is where you allow them to imagine the ‘benefits’ that your offer will afford them and how their previous and undesirable feelings and/or situation will be solved! In order to increase sales with any promotional copy you will always need to show people how they will benefit!

Give Proof

The use of testimonials or logical and reasonable explanations that serves to make your benefit claims more believable or understandable helps to again lessen reader resistance. This reassurance is necessary and needed to get people to take the action you require.

Present Your Offer

Here is where you tell people you got the solution and they need to take the necessary action as required to posses the solution and enjoy the benefits! Once you have ‘rolled out’ your solution again review how it will help them and therefore why they need to have it!

Give Reassurance

Here is where you offer a guarantee to further assure readers and lay to rest any lingering doubts that they may have. You want them to feel any risk at this point is minimal or better yet non-existent! Money back guarantees are quite normal and expected when dealing with any reputable business. Here too you are aiming to knock down any remaining ‘walls’ of resistance or doubt people may still possess!

Your Call to Action

This is your wake-up call to readers telling them to take action, NOW and stop the suffering, discomfort or otherwise undesirable feelings/experience they currently have! Telling them the solution is at hand and theirs for the taking right at this point further lessens resistance and compels them to take action. You are ‘nudging’ them along without blatantly pushing them which would only serve to increase their reluctance and fuel their doubt! It is all about subtlety and your proper use of it to keep people reading your advertising copy! It stands to reason that the more they read the greater the chance you will have to deliver your marketing message. In order to increase sales you absolutely must get your message across!

Review Their Current Situation

Here you are simply reminding people of why they are even reading your copy, because they have a need or desire to make ‘things’ better! Reminding them you have the solution and it is easily within their grasp further triggers emotions that pushes them closer to taking action!

Remind People of the Benefits

Ending your copy on a positive note quite simply remind people of the good things they stand to experience and the negative ones they can easily eliminate, RIGHT NOW!

When writing copy for the sake of promoting something it is usually best to use subtly and not an ‘in your face’ approach. When people are viewing any advertising copy they always have the option of turning away thereby not receiving the intended marketing message. Subtly on the other hand serves to win the confidence and strike a connection with readers as the discussion above explains. By doing so people are then able to become more engaged in what you have written. The point is that the more they are willing to read, the greater the chances you advertising copy will have it intended effect which is simply to increase sales!

Tips For Writing an Article That Can Be Understood

The reason for writing articles is to communicate the writer’s thoughts. Honest, that’s all it really is! And the best possible way to do that is to be direct and tell what is on your mind. Also make sure you deliver what the article title promises. If you are writing your work for article marketing, you can’t build a reputation as an authority unless you are being honest.

People enjoy a direct and honest approach and this style of writing conveys what is on the authors mind when they wrote the article. If the article is poorly written, it’s easy to spot. The best advice I can give you is to make sure you have all your thoughts together before you write it.

The first step when writing is to make your intent clear from the start. Your ideas should be presented distinctly and clear so that the reader can understand what’s in the mind of the writer. You don’t have any right to expect your thoughts to be understood unless you spell them out clearly.

Don’t be too hasty in submitting your article. Take the time to read it over a few times and then also have a friend read it. Ask them a few questions about what they read and then listen to the answers. It never hurts to get a fresh perspective on what you’ve written.

Consider the works of the Bible for instance. This is the greatest work of writing ever and it doesn’t beat around the bush when conveying an idea. Why? Because it’s conveyed with conviction. And not just any conviction. It’s written with a sincere and inspired conviction.

Ok, so you aren’t writing an epistle or a prophesy, but you can take a lesson from it. The men who penned the scriptures first made sure they were inspired. What is your inspiration? Before writing your article you ought to first consider what to say, and then how to say it. The writer must first make sure that the ideas they want to express are clear in their own mind.

One thing that might help you to write a better article is to use the KISS rule. Keep It Simple Silly. Try using the simplest words to get the message across. Then using simple words, develop simple sentences. Ever heard the expression: “The more you complicate the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain”?

Now if we could just get lawyers, politicians, and law makers to use this principle.

Academic Writing Tips

A vast number of students writing their academic papers tend to lose the knack of what their task is all about. This eventually leads to both wasted research and unusable drafts. Before putting any real work on your academic papers, you need to be clear about what you are writing, for example, be clear about what you are writing, whether it is an essay, term paper, thesis, proposal or any other assignment.

Presented are certain tips for you to prepare the best academic paper:

1. Clarity of your task

Students usually find it hard to concentrate on their academic tasks due to the fact that they are not really clear as to what their task is. For this reason you need to be very clear about your academic paper before putting in any efforts. You need to know whether you are writing an essay, term paper, thesis or any other type of academic paper.

2. Split your paper clear sections

What you need to do is separate the body of your term paper into sections so as to make it easier to read and understand. This would add to the entire outlook of your paper. No matter how good your paper is, it would be useless if its hard to read and comprehend.

3. Check grammar, vocabulary and punctuation

Even though there is not much you can do about your writing abilities, there are things you c an do to assure that you don’t make avoidable mistakes. For this you need to make sure that your spellings are right, good vocabulary and no grammatical errors.

4. Use a referencing system

While writing your academic paper you need to make sure that you follow a particular referencing system to make it easy for the reader to go through the material you have cited without any problem what so ever.

5. Cite sources

Even if your paper presents strong ideas, they would go unnoticed unless you cite quality sources. For this you might want to supplement your arguments with quotes and references that lend it credibility.

6. Start and end strongly

No matter what you are writing about, it must have a powerful heading and conclusion. Nothing works better than having an interesting introduction and nothing ends your paper better than a compelling closing statement. These two parts of your academic paper are what will leave the most impression on the mind of your reader.