Five Top Techniques That Improve Your Writing

As writers, you have a message to share and a story to tell. You want to accomplish that as clearly as possible. When I see patterns of unclear writing, I recommend using the following Five Top Techniques to change them. When you apply them consistently, you’ll see instant improvement in your writing.

Make Verbs Dance

The meaning of a sentence comes across effortlessly and clearly when its verb is “alive.” Compare these sentences:

Passive–“The juicy watermelon was eaten by the boy.”

Active–“The boy chomped into the watermelon’s belly, enjoying each juicy bite.”

Get Agreements

When you put a singular subject with the plural form of the verb, you weaken your writing, confuse your reader and make grammarians groan. Example sentence: “A group of writers were in town.” Note that the subject of the sentence “group” is singular while the verb “were” belongs with a plural subject. Instead, write this: “A group of writers was in town” or “Several writers were in town.” Better yet, liven up the sentence with an active verb: “A group of writers landed in town” or another more imaginative verb.

However, beware of verb agreements using the subject “none” as in: “None of the writers were in town.” In this case, “were” is correct because “none” means “not any of the writers.” Therefore, none is a plural subject requiring the plural form of the verb.

Watch for Mixed Modifiers

“When thinking about a good place to eat, many choices are available.” Are the “many choices” doing the thinking? I don’t think so! Mixed modifiers and dangling participles get in the way of crisp, intentional communication. Write this instead: “When thinking about a good place to eat, the meeting planner had many choices.” It’s now clear who is doing the thinking–the meeting planner.

Stay on a Parallel Path

Don’t let a mixed bag of sentence structures wiggle its way into your writing. Here’s what I mean: “His attitude makes a difference in changing, succeeding, and when he wants to move on.” The writer forces the reader’s mind to shift gears too abruptly by throwing in a non-parallel phrase at the end of the sentence. It broke an expected pattern. Instead, the sentence should be: “His attitude makes a difference in changing, succeeding, and moving on.” That would keep those mental gears from grinding.

Select the Exact Word That Conveys What You Mean

Do certain words tend to trip you up? Do you write “further” when you mean “farther” or “accept” instead of “except?” Selecting the correct word from similar-but-different options saves confusion for the reader and embarrassment for you as the writer. Jump into your dictionary when you’re not sure if “choose” or “chose” is correct within the context of your paragraph. Better yet, keep a reference guide handy, one that specializes in clarifying trick combos such as than vs. then, stationery vs. stationary, loath vs. loathe and so on.

What are the fundamentals of Web Copywriting Techniques?

Are you a business owner of some small online company?? Do you want to grow?? Do you want to mark your way in the e-commerce industry?? All this and much more are possible for you if you have an impressive website. Now the question arises how you can make your website impressive?? Well… a good content on your webpage will help you in getting an edge over other online companies. Customers will be attracted to your website if you have something relevant for them. So it’s very important that whatever content you provide on your website should be significant.

Below are some essential techniques that you should know for web copywriting:-

Identify your target audience
The first and the foremost thing are to identify the set target audience for your website who is going to read your page. Once you are able to segregate the target audience you can then easily decide the strategies to attract them. This will help you in gathering the relevant information for them by which they can be drawn to buy your products and services.

Keyword selected should be apt
Next essential technique is the usage of keyword. You should wisely use the keywords in the articles so that the readers don’t have to waste their time in searching. The right keywords will help the readers to go the particular website.

A structured content
Another important aspect is that the page should be structured properly. The content should be easy to read and to the point. Proper headings, sub-headings, punctuation marks should be used in the content. It should also be noted that the first paragraph of the article should be impressive enough to glue the reader till the end.

Be natural with your writings
The web copywriting should be naturally done. The copywriters should use their thought process to write the articles. It shouldn’t be copied from anywhere. The website copywriting should be written in a formal way in your own words.

Be convincing
As discussed above your webpage content will help you in selling the products and services to the customers. So it is okay if you are little ‘salesy’ in your approach.  The content on your website should be capable enough of explaining your place in the market. Explain your customers the reasons that make you a step ahead from other online companies.

Have some calls to action for the customers
It is very important that there should be some sort of action button for the customers after going through the webpage. For example: – if the customer wants to contact you then you should have a contact page for them. If the customers want to buy some product then they should have the purchase button on the webpage. If the customer wants to give their reviews or share the page then this facility should also be available. These are some of the few actions that should be present on your webpage.

Article Marketing Tips – 5 Techniques to Reap Great Results

Here’s the truth; not everybody who is accomplishing commodity business is accepting best results. While some are adequate amazing folio baronial and lots of look agent traffic, there are those who feel that they’re aloof crumbling their time in application this internet business tool. Usually, the aberration lies on how these bodies access the accomplished process. Those bodies who are acutely acknowledged in this endeavor affliction to do the action right. They’re committed in authoritative their readers blessed alike if that agency advance added time, effort, and energy. Here are some tips on how you can become one of them:
1. Apprentice the techniques of autograph catchy, actual able articles. This is one of the things that you charge to achieve to be acknowledged in this endeavor. Remember, online users will accept which accessories to apprehend based on their headlines. If these bodies were confused or if they acquainted action afterwards account your titles, you can be assured that they’ll accessible your articles. Apprentice how to annoyance their concern application as few words as possible. It will additionally advice if you apprentice how to ambition their affecting hot buttons to get them to act on your favor appropriate away.
2. Apprentice how to appoint your readers. The aftermost affair that you would like to do is to bore your readers. Remember, you charge to get them to apprehend your accessories until the end. So, angle these bodies and get them on the bend of their seats by authoritative your accessories actual informative. It will additionally advice if you accomplish your accessories complete added personal. Use communicative accent all the time. Ask questions, allotment claimed adventures (related to your topics), and accomplish use of your faculty of humor. If you can accomplish these bodies smile or beam alike aloof for one time, there’s no agnosticism in my apperception that you’ll win their business in the continued run.
3. Keep it abbreviate and simple. Online users are not attractive for lengthy, complicated articles. They demand article that is actual accessible to accept and almost abbreviate but meaty. So, apprentice how to address tight. It will advice if you absolute the cardinal of account that you’re activity to awning alike afore you alpha borer on your keyboard. Also, accomplish it a addiction to use abbreviate sentences and abbreviate paragraphs all the time.
4. Always use keywords. Advice your ambition admirers calmly acquisition your accessories by authoritative them look engine-friendly. Identify and baptize the best accepted keywords in your alcove throughout your articles. Also, apprentice and administer abeyant semantic indexing address which will absolutely advice you in accepting bigger rankings for your articles.
5. Proofread your articles. Affliction to accord your admirers abundant account experience. Ensure that your accessories are absolute afore you get them appear in the online arena. Remember, the way your accessories were accounting will allege volumes about your professionalism and believability in the online arena.