Content Marketing – The Perfect Promotional Strategy

Many complain of the labor involved in content marketing and that there are easier ‘alternates’ for promoting online. Well both claims are true however what other online marketing strategy can offer you so many ‘deep rooted’ benefits? Publishing content is not a one dimensional approach to marketing on the internet. If done right it will accomplish a lot more than simply promoting goods and services. This strategy can also help build a solid and long lasting foundation for your business as well.

Let’s take a look at 5 very significant ‘contributions’ publishing content can make to your business when marketing on the internet.


The exposure you receive when publishing content online is tremendous. Any information you publish tends to circulate for an extended period of time. In fact there is no telling where anything you have created may turn up since people will use it for their websites, blogs or even newsletters. Of course, being credited as the author, no matter where your content is used, will help you maintain a high profile on the internet.


Another key benefit this online marketing strategy offers is that if what you publish is of good enough quality it will help you to develop a credible reputation. Credibility is important to have since it leads to trust, and if people trust you it will make your promotional efforts more effective.


Developing a brand online is another important aspect of marketing on the internet since it makes you more identifiable. By developing a unique identity you tend to stand out thereby giving you a competitive edge. When consistently publishing content that maintains a certain theme, people will begin to associate it more with you and/or your business. In effect what you are doing is reinforcing an ‘image’ that will only grow stronger over time.

Traffic Generating

Any information you circulate should always have a link back to one of your sites. When people become intrigued they will visit your site and if they are impressed will recommend others to do the same.

Viral Capabilities

Many people upon finding anything of interest online tend to share it with their friends and associates. When you circulate good quality information it is bound to be shared and this viral effect will help increase the circulation of your content. Your only effort was to create and publish the information, at this point you can ‘sit back’ and let others spread your work around.

Content marketing may well be a little labor intensive but this online marketing strategy does offers some long lasting benefits. When publishing content you are not only promoting goods and services but also building a strong foundation for your business as well. The 5 contributions this strategy can make to any business marketing on the internet, as mentioned above are hard to ignore. In fact, if you are considering working online, this is one strategy you would be foolish to overlook due to impact it can have on your business.

Article Marketing – Making the Strategy Work

There is a lot more to article marketing than simple writing composition for circulation online! Without question content creation is crucial but of equal importance is making sure the right people see what you wrote. An often overlooked aspect of this particular online marketing strategy involves the optimization and placement of your work so that your intended target audience can find it! After all what good are your efforts if your intended viewers do not even see it?

Here are 3 crucial aspects that must not be overlooked in order to make this particular online marketing strategy work effectively at generating traffic for you.

Keyword Placement

The idea behind this strategy is to attract as much traffic as you can to your site and the proper placement of keywords within your content will help do just that. By optimizing your articles correctly search engines can rank your composition according to its relevance to the keywords you have used. Now when anybody is searching for information like what is contained in what you wrote it will turn up in their search results. This traffic will be highly targeted and additional to any you get from people searching the directories. Do not overlook the importance of keyword optimization when writing composition you will be publishing online!

Directory Selection

In order to get the best results from this particular online marketing strategy you want to place your articles in the most appropriate directories Your content will be based upon a certain topics so you what to be sure to submit it to directories noted for these same topics. It makes little sense to take the time and effort to submit whatever you wrote to a directory where nobody has an interest in such subject matter. Conducting a simple search online for directories that ‘specialize’ in the topic you have written about will be the best and easiest way to locate them..

Category Selection/Positioning

Do not overlook the importance of selecting the right or most appropriate category at any of the submissions sites you will be using. Every directory categorizes their submissions to make it easier for people to locate the topics they have the most interest in so category selection is crucial. The last thing you want to do after investing time and effort in writing composition based upon a certain topic is to ‘bury’ it in the wrong category. Choose your categories carefully and do not hurry through your selection since you want as many people to find your article as possible!

Article marketing is a very effective means in which to increase your exposure and generate traffic online. Although ‘the’ chief component of this particular online marketing strategy involves writing composition that is both relevant and interesting, it does not stop there! In fact it is at this stage that the next steps you take will determine how many people will actually view what you wrote. Although it is natural to focus on the content creation process of this strategy, 3 aspects often overlooked but crucial in determining the size of your viewing audience are discussed above and must not be forgotten. Remember, you are writing so you can share your content with others therefore measures need to be taken so people can find and enjoy your efforts. In this way both you and your readers will benefit!

SEO Article Writing – Three Step Strategy

What if you discovered the powerful but simple secrets to writing an article that utilizes SEO? Can you imagine the difference it can make to your online business or blog resulting in mind-boggling sales when your article follows effective writing and submission strategies? This article will get you started on the way to writing articles the SEO way thus blasting your article rank through the roof, in any search engine. Here are 3 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Identify and create your own niche.
Step 2 – Leverage the power of high traffic keywords.
Step 3 – Write articles and have them all interlink.

Following these simple steps will definitely boost your traffic counter and supplement your cash flows greatly. Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Identify and create your own niche –

Research and get a hold onto that one niche field in which you are comfortable doing your business as well as its in your line of expertise. This niche should also have substantial demand online and should be a viable business opportunity. After recognizing this window, its time to write articles built around high traffic keywords in your niche.

Step 2 – Leverage the power of high traffic keywords –

Targeted keywords help the information hungry search engines to easily search and rank your articles. Effective usage of these keywords should be done in the article, use the keywords naturally in your article in an intelligent manner. Using these keywords, the final frontier would be to write a plethora of articles.

Step 3 – Write articles and have them all interlink –

Write down a number of good quality, information oriented articles and link all of them together. Submit these to high traffic, high authority article directories and your work is done. Don’t forget to include your site resource box with the article.