What Are The Major Advances In Essay Writing Software

The essay writing software that is in the market has been seen as something that is little more than a glorified word process expect for the past few years. Some of the changes that have been seen, have been not just in the word processing, but also in the added functionality of the essay writing software.

Some of the more advanced essay writing software that has been seen has had most or all these functions:

– outline creator

– variant essay templates

– built in dictionary in multiple languages

– built in thesaurus in multiple languages

– update plug in options

– various print out options

People have seen the implications that these add on have made and the one that has been the biggest has been in the price. Many of these programs can cost two or three times what the cheaper and more mundane essay writing software can. This is where a person has to consider if the investment is worth it or not.

Some of the essay writing software brands that are in the market have started out in this market and they have only the essay writing program as the foundation of the brand and the software is the standard that the company stands by. This has been known to either make or break a company that is trying to make a name for it self.

The thesis writing software has made a number of advancements and many of the companies that have been proven to be quality programs have been striving to take it to the next level. This has been something that has made more people and companies take notice in what the software has and will have to offer to the program owner.

Many have seen the essay writing software [http://www.writingspeakingarticles.com] as a means of getting what they need done and if the person wants to get one. They should be sure that they are getting the one that will not just get the job done, but also the one that can make a difference that would not be there otherwise. If they overlook this then they are just wasting their money and the time that they have to take in learning the program and in using it to make the essay a reality.

Top Secret Software for Writing

What weighs three pounds, has four hunderd miles of blood vessels and one hunderd billion nerve cells or more? How could it possibly have anything to do with writing?

Tell me! Do you know? Four hunderd miles. . .four hunderd miles of blood vessels! Get out of town. One hunderd billion nerve cells. No possible way! There is no way on this blue-green earth suspended in blackness anything like this could ever exist for writers. Could you really measure this stuff? If so. . .how? This is top secret software?

Not only does it weigh three pounds, but it seems it constantly needs oxygen, sugar, omega-3, vitamins A and D, minerals like iodine, selenium, phosphorous, potassium, iron and calcium. It loves protein and thrives on water. It will help you writer better and create a cash flow into your billfold.

Well, it can’t be a gigantic sperm whale, colossal polar bear or mammoth elephant. They weigh more then three pounds. It definitely is not an international endangered species animal on the verge pf extinction. What could this weird entity be that actually floats in a clear liquid and looks like a large, wet wrinkled mushroom for all writers?

At first sight it seems to be a grotesque, yet dazzling disaster for you to observe. But it is incredible what it can do for your writing. In a snarled mess of creation, those billions of nerve cells exhibit unbelievable supremacy far greater than Intel cells, hard drives, and motorized memory banks. So, it is obvious isn’t it?

It’s a Supercomputer!

No doubt about it. That’s exactly what it is. Right? A computer. An ever-loving PC. Gotta be. The inventors pulled it off. Wrong. Computers don’t float in liquid.

Okay, okay. . .okay, I’m going to rip the black cloak of mystery off this nameless monster that is tearing your mind apart with millions of questions. As slowly as I can. . .It Is Your Brain!
Can you believe it? Your brain! Your brain for writing that book, article, novel you have been thinmking about. That organ you use 24/7 to understand the world and your research so you can write. It is the most multifacted and highly orgainized creation probably in the Universe, at least, on earth.

Give me a break you say.

I’ll bet you thought it was an outer space alien. Come on, admit it. At least for a while you thought it was an ET. Well, maybe for a few seconds, right? Anyway, why would an article on how to write include the anatomy of the human brain? What possibly would be so important about the brain to a writer who wants to make money?

E V E R Y T H I N G!

Your brain is your lifetime, super buddy co-writer with a sensory system to beat all systems. Without it, your body would fall apart and whither away in a dust storm and you won’t be able to write. With it, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, talents, memories, and the capacity to sort out data, buzzes and hums like a bee hive to improve your writing. It runs your body functions to the max contniuously. The great news of the century is you don’t have to switch it off or on like your computer. It just keeps going and going and going. . . .

Talk about excelling your writing!

However, can’t you compare your brain to a computer? Both systems offer rare opportunities to surpass goals in your writing career and fatten your bank account. For the swift progress of your writing, the similiarities between your brain and the comoputer are astounding! True speed writing is no longer a fantasy. I mean, real speed writing. Just for starters get a load of the following parallels. Both have electrical signals to transfer information. By asdvancing year after year, they adapt to new software. Although they are subject to damage, both need energy to poerate. Both can do math and common sense everyday jobs. Researchers study them like links in the wildlife food web. Assuredly, Both can be in re-program modes.

As a result, in amazement you ingeniusly merge two entities into top secret software for writing that sings out to you like Carolina warblers in spring. Your brain and computer become one uniting creature of creativity. A creature called a Brainputer! A Brainputer seeking. . .seeking, words to express, describe, portray, depict, and reveal every page of your writing.

How To Use A Novel writing Software?

What are Novel Writing Soft wares?

All the creative writers here would agree that they usually come at a point in the process of novel writing that their minds are bubbling with creative twists, characters and plots but the ability to express in words seems to have kicked the bucket—now the question arises: how should such a situation be treated? Well, in this case it is highly recommended by professional writers and novelists that you take assistance from the novel writing soft wares which have been specially designed to prevent writer’s block.

A number of novel writing soft wares are available on the Internet which can either be downloaded for free or purchased at a reasonable price. Below you will find a brief description of the best novel soft wares.

Writer’s Cafe

If you are into writing fiction novels, then writer’s cafe is just the right software which will help you build writing flow. Whether you are a rookie or a pro writer, you will naturally experience writer’s block—writer’s cafe is made of tools which provide you sample plots and storylines for speeding up the process of novel structuring and creation.

As the software is especially designed for writers who make use of mighty ingredient called ‘Imagination’ to create their master pieces; so to ensure that writer do not run out of his only solid ingredient, the creator Harriet Smart has designed the software in the form of a colorful playground where the writer can play with words, characters and plot to cook the best piece of fiction. Writer’s cafe is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be purchased for an amount of US$45 and for students it comes with a concession of US$11. A guide in the form of e book comes with the purchase which contains tips, writing ideas and writing exercises to rev up the writing experience.


Storybook is yet an another amazing software which allows the writers to produce novels while maintaining a complete overview of similar plot lines that may be present in various other novels and books. Storybook serves to structure the novel in a readable manner. The features on the interface are meant for designing and organizing characters, plot, scenes and chapters.

All these features are user friendly—the best part of Storybook is that it can be downloaded from the Internet free of cost. It keeps track of all the chapters you write with respect to date and the sequence of the story and make sure that a scene once written is not repeated again. The windows of the software toggle like a dynamic brain map.


PageFour is a software popular among the tribe of creative writers. The purpose of PageFour is not only to assist writers in making their writing better—in fact, it has been created to make the job of writers easy while they arrange the write out. PageFour is so far the only software which comes with easy to use features, 1001 in numbers—majority are those which sound quite unfamiliar to the writers but once they start using those features, they realize that they have already wasted a lot of time in managing and arranging what they write.

The software is not heavy at all and is compatible with MS Word. You can create as many files and folders you want in the PageFour interface; in this one application, you can store in as many creative writing pieces as you want without having to worry about the data loss. Like Storybook, it is also available for download on the Internet for free.

Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software

Once you purchase Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software, you will realize that art of novel writing is not as tough as is thought to be. Once you have a rough idea in your mind, you need to input the idea into the software, you will see that a number of templates and suggestions will appear right in front of you which are meant to give a serious direction to your concept.

There are special templates for characters, plot, scenes, dialogues and climax which are really helpful in letting you know how to go about creating your manuscript. I recommend the Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software for those who are new into the line of creative writing.


yWriter is a software created by an expert programmer Simon Haynes. What separates yWriter from other writing software available is its feature which allows writers to go on with novel writing scene by scene and not chapter wise.

The job is simplified for the creative writers because this way they will be able to concentrate on a small writing portion and eventually do creation at their best. yWriter can also be downloaded free by Windows and Mac users. It is regarded as one of the most versatile and user friendly novel writing soft wares.