Effective Article Writing And Rewriting For SEO

When it comes to be writing articles, the most common mistake made by many writers is that only a few words and sentence structures are changed. This is simply not enough to qualify an article as being truly rewritten.

Simple spelling mistakes are quite common on the Internet. Research has shown that users will not tolerate either spelling mistakes or poorly designed websites. You have only one chance to be credible in the users eyes.

These numerous and unfortunate errors can often turn people away from a site. Make sure that you check your prospective writers work before offering them a commission. It seems odd that anyone would want to put a job in the hands of a so called “writer” who cannot even take the time to ensure that their articles are free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.

It is worth noting that Google does not look on duplicate content favourably. It has sophisticated filtering processes to determine which content to show. In general terms and will is always searching to provide its users with the most relevant and useful results of the search terms entered. Where there is duplicate content on the web it is usually the site that has the highest page rank that will be shown on Google. If the sides are of equal page rank in the duplicate content will be shown in chronological order. You should be aware that if you post duplicate content on your website then it is likely that it will not be shown at all.

In some cases Google will review a site individually if it’s automated spiders cannot make a call . It is important to be aware that Google does employ regular people to do jobs that computers cannot; for example, they are needed to look at the appropriateness and relevancy of a site to rank it correctly.

Almost all internet search engines list websites using not only the keywords searched for, but also related phrases and words. For example, an article discovered relating to a query about ‘dogs’ will be ranked on Google based on not only on the number of times ‘dogs’ appears in the article, but also on other criteria known as “semantics”.

This helps to ensure that the topic of the page is clear. A good article will include the word or phrase (in this case ‘dogs’) in the title, the beginning of the content and at the end. The remaining words left in the article or page will, in a good example, be related to the overall canine theme.

How to Write SEO Articles to Promote Your Website

Your website is not optimized for search engines or picked up by their software/ crawlers for higher ranking in search results unless it is keyword rich. In other words, your content should be informative, unique, and relevant to the subject that your website deals with and it should also contain keywords or the words that a user would enter in the search bar to find the products or services you are offering.

Again, a high quality content of this type, by itself, may not be able to attract the search engines to rank your website high on their first pages.

The question, therefore, is: How to optimize your website for high search engine ranking?

One of the most cost effective or even free methods to do so is to write SEO articles about the product or service that your website seeks to promote. The articles should be published in prominent article directories.

The content of the articles should also be keyword rich, informative and compelling so that the readers are motivated to get more information about your offering. If they are interested, they can click the link/s, also called back links, in the articles that will direct them to your website.

Keep in mind that writing just one or two articles will not optimize your website for search engines. You will need to write and submit articles in article directories to get the necessary exposure.

The more the clicks you get, the higher your website will be ranked. A thumb rule for search engine optimization is that the more quality links a website attracts from the searchers through the articles, the higher the page rank the search engines give to the website.

Writing unique, informative and keyword rich content for the website or for article directories is a laborious and time-consuming job. Not every body has the time or the expertise to write SEO articles that can bring them a high page rank. You can contact content writers who specialize in writing copy that is search engine optimized and interesting enough to motivate readers to click on the links and reach the website to find out more about the products and services.

Article Marketing as an SEO Copywriting Service

In recent years, there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is dead. Many people argue that it is dead because of the fact that SEO copywriting has veered off track from its original purpose and concept. At the heart of it, SEO copywriting is about creating content that allows companies to communicate with their customers through the Internet. This concept is often referred to today as “SEO content marketing” or simply “article marketing.” The basic idea is to create content that is interesting and persuasive in an attempt to inform consumers and Internet users about the services, products, and nature of the company. Read on to learn more about article marketing as an SEO copywriting service.

Benefits of article marketing

There are many benefits to article marketing and these benefits extend to both the reader and the company for which the content is created. One of the main benefits is that article marketing is a good way of answering the needs and demands of readers. SEO copywriting can sometimes be based on keyword density, which often leads to articles that aren’t very pleasant for readers because of the fact that they are stuffed with keywords yet fail to give any relevant, useful, or interesting information. Article marketing, on the other hand, is based on creating content that the reader would actually be interested in reading. The company for which the content is written, on the other hand, benefits because they have high-quality articles that market their company, advertise their products, and communicate with their customers. In effect, article marketing is a win-win solution for companies and their customers alike.

Zeroing in on what readers look for: using Google’s keyword selector tool

One of the essential factors for good article marketing is understanding what readers are looking for on the Internet and optimizing the article for search engine results. A helpful tool for this purpose is Google’s keyword selector tool, which provides a range of keywords depending on the words that you input into the tool. The keywords that come out in the keyword selector tool can be arranged to find out which keywords are being used most by other websites. This can help you understand which keywords your competitors are using, so that you can avoid those keywords and choose the ones with little to no competition. This is an important part of article marketing, because using the right keywords will result in your site getting top position in search engine results.

Sending articles to submission sites

Finally, another important part of article marketing is getting the content to the right submission sites. Submission sites are basically websites where you can submit your content to be registered on various search engines. If this step is not completed, then your SEO copywriting material is virtually useless as it won’t come out on the search engines. There are numerous submission sites on the Internet, some of which are associated with more search engines. Spend time to find the right submission sites to get your SEO copywriting content registered with numerous top-notch search engines. Doing so will greatly increase the chances of success for your article marketing content.