You Want to be a Successful Writer: Make Your Writing Pay

How many books have you read about “understanding the magazine market”, “writing a book proposal” or “how to make your articles sell”? It isn’t easy for unpublished authors to break into the market. Even trying to get an agent to represent you is difficult.

You know you can write, though. You know there is a market for what you have to say.

There is an avenue, however, that is virtually untapped by many writers and it is open to EVERYONE who wants to see their works in print. You can finally take control over your own writing destiny. The best part is that you don’t have to share the profits from your works with anyone else. You keep it all.

It’s self-publishing, but on a whole different scale.

Millions of people will have access to your authored pieces. Will publishers come looking for you? It’s a definite possibility. Will you have more credibility in the publishing world? Oh, yes. You will also have solid proof of your ability to reach your target audience, too.

Before I tell you how successful you can be, let me tell you the caveats.

First, it takes some time and effort. If you are a serious writer, you already know what that is all about, though. Second, you will be writing more than you otherwise would. In fact, you will very likely be writing every day for the next couple of months. At least that is what I found myself doing. If you love to write as much as I do, though, it will not be an issue at all.

Last, it will most likely become your favorite thing to do. (Read: Prepare to become obsessed with your success) I am absolutely serious when I say that you will enjoy it so much you won’t want to do anything else. My kids can’t drag me away from the computer some days. I just love what I’m doing. I have spoken with many other people, just like you and me, who have done this and they have had the same reaction. It’s just plain fun.

So, those are the pitfalls.

Now, I can tell you the good news. You have a myriad of ways to earn money with your writing. For less than $1 per day, you can reach hundreds of thousands of potential readers “buyers” of your works. You can also sell your material in a variety of ways. In addition to this, there are a variety of other ways to make money that don’t even have anything to do with writing.

Ok, enough of that. You can read more of the details if you’re interested. For now, let’s focus on how you can accomplish this.

If you’re like me, you have probably been writing for awhile. I have two books, both of which have been rejected by big-name publishers. I can handle rejection pretty well, so that’s not a real problem for me. What bothered me was that I knew I had good material and no way to reach my intended audience. Sound familiar? You have probably been there, too.

Why should I be limited in what I can do just because someone else doesn’t see things the same way I do?

My answer? Find another way to reach my audience. That’s exactly what I have done, too. I created a web site dedicated to one of my books. I intend to do the same for the other book, too.

I am living my dream of being published. Not only am I reaching my target audience, but I am also having numerous articles published on other sites. I have been contacted by two other sites to write for them as well. A third site asked (and I agreed) to provide advice to the members of its site on the very subject I wrote about. I am an instant expert.

Less than $1 per day and I am published, in demand and am starting to receive checks from my site.

It is a work in progress. My book, which will soon be available on the site, is being turned into an e-book. Guess who gets to keep all the profits? Yes, that would be me.

Just think about it. It might work for you. I just know that as writer, it is extremely hard to get your name out there for the right people to see it. This gives you one more opportunity to make a name for yourself.