Speaking & Writing Success Formula – Passion First, Business Second

If you’re a speaker or a writer, what is the most important secret of success?

(1)    Finance

(2)    Strategic Planning

(3)    Effective Time Management

(4)    Speaking or Writing

You know, the first three are truly important for sustaining and growing your success. But that’s later, on.

If you guessed (4), you’re completely on target.

Speakers speak, and writers write!

That seems so obvious, doesn’t it? But all to many of us believe that we have to have the perfectly thought out business plan, a good amount of cash on hand, and lots of open time to make a go of it, as a successful writer or speaker.

Actually, there’s something I didn’t put on the list, which is truly number one.

You must have passion for speaking or writing.

With it, you’ll create opportunities where there were none.

Doors will open for you when you’re committed to the task, and of course if that leads you to DOING the stuff you should be doing: speaking or writing.

Let me give you an example.

If you aspire to being a professional speaker, improving your speeches and presentations is the smartest investment you can make. And to do so requires lots of speaking opportunities.

Get them by speaking for free at service clubs like the Rotary, and at non-profit organizations, which generally love to learn, but have no money to spend.

Leverage these opportunities by getting testimonial letters you can quote, and by networking.

Soon enough, people will be willing to pay you to speak. You’ll go from free-to-fee presenting, simply by getting exposure and by getting better at your craft.

The same concept applies to writing. Get exposure through ezines and other outlets, and get good at writing.

When it comes to success, remember this formula: Passion first; Business second!