Writing Newsletters – How To Be Creative When Newsletter Writing

There are others but let’s look at…

Making Money Method #1 “Beg For It”

You could make about £20 in a day if you went to a busy part of town and got lucky! To be quite honest though, I don’t think there’s much chance of getting rich with this method. Do you?

Making Money Method #2 “Sell Your Body For It”

If you went down the docks, you could get yourself a few pounds an hour, depending on your looks. I really don’t advise you do this unless you’re in a country that allows it, such as Holland. Er… someone told me!!!

Making Money Method #3 “Work For Someone Else For It”

Don’t be fooled by what some people say. You know the sort of thing, “You’ve got a job for life here, kid”. This is total pap! You could lose the lot tomorrow. There’s been countless times when someone has told me they’ve got a job for life. Then a few months later, I’ve seen them getting a bus down to the job centre in a crusty raincoat and hat!

Holding on to this belief is ridiculous. Anyone with a little bit of life experience knows that there’s no such thing as job for life, especially these days. Companies only tell you that you’ve got a job for life because you work better thinking this. That’s the bottom line.

Don’t panic though. Everybody’s in the same boat. You’re not alone.

What I suggest you start doing is to think a little differently about your work life. I want you to start thinking of yourself as an Entrepreneur, whatever profession you are in.

What am I on about? Well, assuming you already have a job…

You provide a valuable service to the person
who you presently call your boss

Can you argue about that? No. Unless, of course, you’re not very good at your job. In which case get good, quick!

You see, you’ve got to think of your present boss as one of your customers.

Please re-read the above four lines again. I want you to really grasp this because this is the TRUTH, and as the saying goes ‘The truth shall set you free’.
You are already in business! The business of providing services to a customer you call your
boss. If he is not satisfied with what you provide he will:-

a) Complain about it and you will do it again. (Complaint)

b) Demand you work late for nothing. (Refund)

c) Suspend you. (Not use your services for a while)

d) Sack you. (Get the service from someone else)

To repeat, you must start thinking as a competitive entrepreneur. To believe anything else these days is naïve at best. This knowledge alone will help you to prosper in the new millennium as companies start to downsize their firms and cut out all the ‘deadwood’.

Now, doesn’t that shed a new light on things? The only thing is, you do not charge him/her for your service, he/she pays you a wage and sorts out your tax.

They are the only differences!

So, I advise you to start doing a few small little things to help you satisfy your boss (Sorry! Customer). I’ll tell you why in a moment. It is relevant, I promise.

1. Always do a little bit more than you get paid for.

2. Offer to stay behind if you make a mistake.

3. If you do make a mistake, make sure you fix the problem and do something else as a bonus.

4. Start calling him/her Mr/Mrs whatever (Not Mr. Whatever, obviously) instead of asshole. But try not to make it sound sarcastic.

5. Whenever you ask for time off etc. always make it so that it’s a win, win deal for the both of you.

6. If he/she is being unreasonable then tell them so, and that you will work as hard as you possibly can to resolve the problem.

7. Never moan or grumble about anything. You are there to solve his/her problems, not create more.

8. Never lose your temper with him/her. Keep calm and cool in every situation.

9. Last thing: Don’t tell them (or anyone who doesn’t fully support you in your endeavours) what you are up to in your spare time. Why? Because they will probably try different ploys to pull you away from it. Spending time with family is a good excuse.

These simple things will make your work life a great deal easier, so that you can concentrate more on your new venture. It’s all in your attitude. Also, these things will lay strong foundations for your future newsletter business skills. So practice them, but remember to be sincere.

Making Money Method #4 “Rob A Bank For It”

Well, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. So could you do fifteen years for armed robbery? I thought not, so scratch that one.
Making Money Method #5 “Win It”

You could have a go on the lottery, but ask yourself this question. Would you back a horse with any money if it was 20,000,000/1? The answer of course is no, I hope. So why do millions of people play the lottery twice a week? I haven’t the foggiest! Greed I suspect.

Making Money Method #6 “Start Your Own Business”

This is the only sure fire way of getting rich in this world. That’s why you’ve invested in this course, isn’t it? Well have a little patience and all will be revealed.

By the way, you cannot accumulate significant wealth by working for someone else. (Just in case you hadn’t noticed) The whole job market is just one big con of your irreplaceable life!

Think of it this way…

When lions are brought up in captivity, they are fed regularly and quite well looked after. They don’t have to worry about finding enough food to last them, because it’s free and abundant. Little do they know that… they are being exploited by their masters.

Their masters charge people to come and have a look, but all the lions get is a bit of food. Result? Profit for the masters. The lions don’t know any different, they just lap up the free food and
wander around in their cages ‘content’ with things.

Now, if the lions where to be set free in their natural habitat and have to fend for themselves, they would most likely fail and die off. Unless… they were allowed to come back for food if they failed to make a kill. That way, they could have another go tomorrow. They could then keep trying until they had learnt how to fend for themselves and it became instinctive.

This is the position I want you to take with your current job, if you have one. It has got to be the place where you get your regular ‘feed’ (pay cheque) until you learn how to ‘fend’ for yourself in the market place. Don’t get impatient with things, you will almost certainly fail. You must learn how to make money before you leave your job.

Never lose sight of this fact.

“Why Would Anyone Want To Write
Their Own Newsletter?”

Just lately, a few of my neighbours have been looking for any excuse to knock at my door. The postman helps them out here by accidentally delivering my mail to the wrong address, but that’s a different story.

It was puzzling me how, all of a sudden, my door had become a neighbour’s knuckle magnet! So… me being a friendly sort of chap, decided to engage in some ‘coffee machine’ chatter with them. In every case it was apparent to me that there was one thing that was on all their minds. Cutting to the chase, they all wanted to know what I did for a living.

And thinking about it, who can blame them?

For the past several years they’ve been noticing that I don’t seem to work for a living! Every day they see me going out on my push hog at about 8 o’clock in the morning, (just to keep fit I might add) and then coming back an hour later, when people are supposed to be settling down at the office for eight hours of toil and stress.
They’ve been baffled by the fact that if and when the sun’s out, I’m sat outside on my sun
lounger soaking up the rays.

They’ve seen me take off for a week or two whenever I want, only to come back with a healthy tan and a great big smile on my face. They’ve been wondering how I did all this and still seemed to have money for a new car and home improvements, without seeming to be working for a living.

So…I had to tell them. And when I did, I was greeted with total surprise and disbelief. They couldn’t believe that I made a fantastic living writing out of my own house. I think they didn’t want to believe it.

Not surprising really!

Writing from your own home is only a dream for most people. In their eyes, unless you’re a well-known author with loads of capital, you can’t make much money as a writer. Although this is true if you’re writing a book, it is not the case when you write a newsletter. As you will soon see when you start reading some of my articles.

How Blog Writing and Newsletter Writing Help Business Grow?

Blogs and newsletters are two efficient public relation tools that contribute significantly to the growth of a business. In the present world of cut-throat competition, any business to prosper would require an active and visible website. Owning a website is not enough to guarantee a strong online presence. Instead several other works go into it for turning it to a highly searched one of which blog and newsletter writing are two essential ones. Both blog and newsletter are the cheapest and the most feasible option to spread words among a wide mass.

Blog writing requires both creativity and good knowledge of Seo concepts. A blog is a way to keep the viewers updated about the company’s recent products/services. Same goes with newsletter writing. Both blog and newsletter play an important role in attracting more and more readers to a website thereby paving the way for better business prospects and higher revenue generation. These also help in growing the visibility of the website which in turn helps in increasing the overall traffic of the website. After all, the final success of any website depends on its traffic and visibility ratio.

Benefits of blog

Regular posting of blog on a website helps in keeping it active and creates a positive impression on the viewers.
Blog writing is a healthy means of promoting one’s business brand. The business prospects may not be immediate but for sure it works in the long run.
Blogs are the best means of keeping readers updated about one’s business.
Blog helps in gaining the trust of the readers by giving an impression of active presence in the contemporary market.
A blog post is an ideal platform to showcase one’s expertise in writing. A well-written blog opens up vistas for new business opportunities.
Benefits of newsletter

A newsletter is the most potential tool to share the relevant information about one’s business to the customers spread out in a vast geographical stretch.
A newsletter allows the scope of detailed explanation wherein one can express one’s organization work, sales record and future goals in an elaborate and candid manner.
A newsletter serves as a pleasant reminder to the viewers about one’s business. Instead of the viewers waiting to get the information, a newsletter serves to convey the same on regular intervals thereby building the image of the organization.
Unlike a tweet, a newsletter travels farther and establishes itself as a powerful advertising tool.
Both blog and newsletter writing needs an in depth study of the concerned topic. At no point of time, a person should assume to bluff in blog writing or newsletter writing as the readers look up to them as a true image of the concerned organization. In today’s world, the success of any organization heavily depends on how well it is presented online. Blogs and newsletters certainly are the cheapest and the most powerful online tools to make one’s business known to a wide mass of people.