Online Writing – How Can You Earn More Money?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to online writing. Most of the newbies to this career see those jobs offering a dollar for five hundred words, and while they might work for that amount to start with (just to get some experience) they soon want to build up and earn more for their hard work.

And why not? Every writer should earn what they are worth, and the better you get the more money you should be able to bring in.

So how do you earn more from online writing? The trick is to raise the bar. If you have been writing for a dollar for 500 words, you need to start dismissing those jobs from now on. Think about this for a moment – if you spend time considering whether or not to apply for those low paid gigs, you won’t be able to spend as much time looking for higher paid jobs.

You need to get into the habit of only considering higher paid jobs in the online writing world. And you’ll find – as I did – that as soon as you raise that bar in your own mind, you’ll start finding other jobs that you can apply for.

There is another tactic to remember here too, and it works in conjunction with the first trick I mentioned above. This is all about numbers. You need to apply for as many higher paid writing jobs as you can. The more you apply for the better the chance is of actually winning more of them.

It can be depressing to think about the percentage rate of winning jobs to losing them. Some writers have mentioned winning around ten per cent of everything they apply for. Now if you think that it is depressing losing a full 90% of the jobs you go for, you need to think of it in a different way.

For every ten jobs you go for, you’ll win around one. So if you want to get two writing jobs you’ll have to go for twenty in total. Get the idea? Think in terms of what you need to do to win the number of online writing jobs you actually want to get.

As you can see, your own frame of mind can have a big effect on how much writing work you get. And the more you get the more money you will earn. And of course, you now know that if you raise that bar a bit higher you will be bringing in more money before you know it.

Freelance Writing Jobs – 3 Services Writers Can Offer Clients to Make More Money

One of the easiest ways to land freelance writing jobs is to be a one-stop, freelance writing shop. Following are three services freelance writers can offer their clients that will make it easier for them to use you over and over again. Some are brought on by the new media economy; others are mere conveniences that clients wish they had someone to handle.

3 Services Freelance Writers Can Offer to Gain Long-Term Clients

Social Media Marketing: Manage a Twitter Account. Do you use the social networking site Twitter? If not, you should as a freelance writer. Why? Because it’s quick and easy to set up, and you can offer to set up and manage the account for clients.

When freelance writing jobs slow down, offering a peripheral service like social media marketing can take up the slack. Clients like it because most of them know that they should be involved in social media marketing, but they have no idea how to go about it.

Twitter is the perfect social networking site to offer to set up and monitor because you “Tweet” in 140 characters (not words, characters) or less, which takes seconds, not minutes.

Clients will be ever so grateful, and you will have added another income stream to your freelance writing efforts.

Blogging: Set Up a WordPress Blog. One of the biggest types of freelance writing jobs to come down the pike in recent years is blogging. Most freelance writers blog. And, many of them do it in WordPress. However, many clients still slave away with HTML sites. But a WordPress blog is easy to set up and learn how to maneuver in.

And, if you don’t know how to set it up, you can still offer the service to clients. How? By outsourcing it — usually for less than $100 – much less. Simply place an ad on a major site like Craigslist. Many web designers troll this site looking for assignments like setting up WordPress blogs.

If you charged the client $150 to set up their WordPress blog and you outsource it a freelance web designer for $50 or less, that’s a $100 or more profit.

Online Marketing: Article Writing and Submission. Article marketing is one of the best, free online advertising methods you can use to get the word out about a product/service, drive organic traffic for years to come, build subscriber lists and convert tirekickers into buyers. And it’s a great service to offer that will get you even more freelance writing jobs.

By explaining how article marketing works – ie, laying out the above benefits mentioned above – you can offer the service to clients. In addition to writing the articles, you can offer to set up accounts for them at article directories and manually submit articles for them -for an additional fee. It’s hands-off marketing for them that pays big dividends.