Article Writing: How to Structure Your Article for Maximum Impact

If you are submitting articles to directories on a regular basis but not seeing an increase in traffic to your website don’t just give up. There might be a simple fix. People on the Internet today are time poor, so you need to write your articles in a way that makes it easy for them to digest the information and take action. Here five things you must think about before you write your next article.

1. Make your title as engaging as possible

Your article title is probably the most important part of your article. You need to remember to think of both the search engine and the reader when you write your title because it will not only help your article to rank but will also encourage the reader to click on the link.

Include your main keyword in the title to tell the search engines what your article is about, but don’t forget your reader. Your title needs to be persuasive and make them curious to find out more about what you have to say.

The first three or four words of your title are most important so instead of using ‘How to Organise Your Office’, try ‘Organise Your Office: 7 Tips for Never Losing that $1000 Cheque Again’.

2. Invest in your introduction

Some directories allow you to submit a summary of your article, others just use the introduction as the summary. You can make your article more effective by using the first paragraph work as both an introduction and a summary.

You need to use the title to make your reader curious about what else you have to offer so that they keep reading. Remember that a good article will solve a problem for the reader so use the introduction to describe what problem this article will solve for them. Describe the problem and where you can use a personal example to establish yourself as a real person and build a rapport with the reader.

3. Use the body to solve the problem

The article body should be used to explain the solution to the problem that you outlined to the reader in your introduction. Focus on your topic and stick to it. It is very easy to go off on a tangent, especially if you are passionate about a topic. If you have more than one topic in mind then just write an article for each one.

Break up your article using subheadings and bullets to make it easier for the reader to follow but also to pull them into the text.

4. Encourage further investigation with the ending

The end of your article should summarise the solution to the problem; try and end with a quote or an interesting point that will encourage the reader to want to do some further investigation.

5. Make use of your resource box

Now that you’ve shown the reader how to solve their specific problem you can use the resource box to tell them what else you can do to help them. Encourage them to click on the link to your website by offering them a free report which will make it easier for them to implement the solution you just outlined to them.

By using a simple structure you will make your articles much easier to read, they are more likely to be accepted into the directories and much more effective at encouraging readers to visit your website.

Article Marketing – Maximum Exposure Is The Key

Article marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies used on the internet today. The only ‘drawback’ to this form of advertising is that writing articles can be labor intensive and time consuming. To compound this ‘dilemma’ many ‘experts’ suggest to not submit the same piece of content to multiple article directories since they feel it does little good. The reasoning is that duplicate articles in different directories will simply ‘cancel’ one another out thereby resulting in a total waste of your effort and time. Huh? Is this reasoning to dissuade others from writing articles, or perhaps to simply sell more ‘spinning’ software? In either case it only stands to reason that if a directory will publish your content, it seems to me that you, as the author, have achieved your goal. After all exposure is what you are looking for is it not?

Here are 3 advantages you can expect to experience when you submit the ‘same’ piece of content to multiple article directories.

Less Work ‘Spinning’

Let’s face it, after all your effort ‘reworking’ the same article it will still say the same thing! Regardless of the message your content contains, writing articles over and over again just to simply ‘reword’ what you have said is exhausting. In fact there is no better way to discourage somebody from composing anything they can submit to article directories than to have them spend so much energy rewriting everything they compose! Insanity maybe, but very effective at selling spinning software nonetheless!

Less Time Invested

There is only so much time in a day and needlessly rewriting content does not seem to be a productive use of that time. By avoiding this useless task you now have more time (and energy) to create fresh content that can be submitted and put to work for you.

More Exposure

Your articles are written to help you gain exposure and there is no better way to do this than to spread them around. A properly written article will be accepted at any directory looking for quality content. One thing to consider is this, does it not make more sense to have your article available for viewing and possibly use, at as many directories as possible? Is this not the type of exposure you are looking to achieve? By limiting the number of directories you submit to based upon duplication fears or self-imposed time constraints from rewriting everything you compose, your are limiting your exposure.

As true as it is that article marketing does involve some time and effort it is also one of the most effective online marketing strategies used today. Although there are many ‘experts’ that discouraged submitting the same piece of content to multiple article directories I remain confused as to the reasons why. It is alleged that having the same article in different directories will only cancel one another out due to the ‘duplicate content theory’ many use. It seems to me that if you can get your content published you have achieved your goal which is EXPOSURE! The 3 advantages you can expect to receive when writing articles and submitting them as the same exact piece of content are discussed above. Your only concern is to get your work published allowing the article directories themselves to display and distribute your efforts. When directories as a whole start refusing to publish content due to duplication issues I will then give the opinions of many experts a second thought. As it is at this point, their suggestions serve to only make writing articles harder than it really needs to be!

3 Content Development Strategies For Maximum Exposure

Online content development requires preparing any information you intend to distribute in a way that viewers find worthy of their time to read. In addition it is of equal importance when publishing content to take measures to insure that it is as easy to find as it is enjoyable to read. The purpose of circulating useful information online is to get as many people as possible to see it and hopefully even pass it along to others. In this way this particular online marketing strategy can then bring either the individual and/or business as much exposure as possible.

Here are 3 ways in which information should be prepared when publishing content online to make it interesting and also easy to find.

Create a ‘Worthwhile’ Read

Give people something that captures their interest, peaks their curiosity or flat out teaches them something new and useful. When publishing content the key is to offer people something they can use or find of interest in some form or fashion. Humor, insight, opinions or sharing knowledge are some of the most common ways to get and hold the attention of others. If what you create does not hold an interest with your readers you are wasting your time! If you ‘score’ in this category you will likely gain many referrals from those who are satisfied with what you are distributing.

Be Controversial

Never underestimate the buzz factor when creating any content insofar as deliberately composing something that may be viewed as controversial. People enjoy getting ‘stirred up’ about anything they are passionate about or interested in since this provokes thought and discussion. When publishing content in this manner however always be sure that the ‘stance’ you take holds some legitimacy or your efforts will be quickly dismissed as rubbish! At the same time do not be afraid to ‘fan the fires’ by using social bookmark sites and social network communities to expand your exposure!

Don’t Forget the Search Engines

Choose and use your keywords wisely because if you forget the search engines, you can bet they will forget you as well! When circulating useful information online you want as many people as possible to view it therefore you need to properly optimize what you compose so search engines can easily find it. Select a few keywords, or better yet, phrases that are relevant to what it is you are writing about and be sure to place them in the opening and closing paragraphs. This makes it easier for search engines to find your content and then display it in their search results for anybody looking for information like what you have composed. This little extra effort will pay off hugely in all the free and targeted traffic you will attract thereby making this online marketing strategy all the more beneficial for you and/or your cause.

Content development for the purpose of internet distribution needs to focus on reader satisfaction as well as search engine optimization to position it to be easily found. Hopefully people will find what you published as interesting or useful information that they will in turn pass along to others. The 3 simple suggestions for preparing content as presented above, aim to help you get the best results from this particular online marketing strategy.