Freelance Writers – Make the Most of the Slow Times of Your Freelance Writing Career

Once you get your freelance writing career going, you’ll probably find that it can be either “feast or famine” most of the time, meaning you have TOO much work to do, or not enough, or worse yet, periods when you have NO writing jobs at all to do.

If you think about it, those dry spells are probably not so bad, except for the damage they can do to your checkbook. After an extended period of “feasting” on one writing project after another, you probably need a little “down time” to recharge and get ready for the next cycle of work.

But that “down time” from writing assignments can be very productive – and it should be. Use that time to look for new opportunities, and even create some opportunities yourself.

Develop a class or workshop on writing that you can offer at a local school or community center or even online. Create a short ebook, tips booklet, or other informational products that you can sell yourself, directly from your website and/or blog, and get other writers to sell these items for you, too.

Once you’ve created something new, write a press release about it and send it out. Also, remember this, even if you have a great website and/or blog, don’t simply sit around waiting for clients to come to you.

Eventually, once you’ve developed a name for yourself in the writing world, you should have at least some clients who will contact you initially, but until then you need to do all you can to get your name before prospective clients and the public in general. Start thinking of ways to do that.

The main thing is to avoid feeling discouraged at slow times. If you use these times productively, they too will pass, and you’ll be ready for another busy work cycle before you know it. Eventually, after you’ve had some practice budgeting for these slow periods, you’ll probably even find yourself looking forward to them.

Creating A Writing Flow – Make Writing Effortless

You may be familiar with the concept of “flow” as written about extensively by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced “chick-sent-me-high”). It’s that state in which you are so involved with writing or whatever you are doing that you lose all track of time. Often it’s an exhilarating experience in which it seems like we are just writing down the thoughts flowing through us.

The question is, how can we induce such a state rather than waiting and hoping for it to occur spontaneously? Here are three keys:

1: Pick a task that is at or just above your level of ability. If it’s too hard or too easy, you won’t enter flow. So if you want to write a novel, break it down into chunks you can handle. One might be writing a rough outline. Another might be doing a character biography for your protagonist.

2: Make sure that the task includes immediate feedback, so that you know as you go along whether or not you are doing well. For instance, you can start by setting yourself a goal of writing a certain number of words per half hour. Generally, you need to feel positive at the beginning stages, and eventually the task may so absorb you that you stop thinking about how you’re doing it, or how well.

3: Create an atmosphere in which you have as few distractions as possible. Again, later in the process, you may be so involved that you don’t even notice things like a phone ringing but it helps if you can start off in an environment that makes it easy to concentrate. This also includes setting aside a period of time when you won’t feel you really should be doing something else.

How To Make Money Writing and Selling eBooks On The Internet

I recently read where Amazon announced ebook sales were outperforming hard book copies by 43% over th past 3 months. There are several reasons for this, but it should be enough to make you want to learn how to make money writing and selling ebooks on the Internet.

In this article I want to offer a few tips on becoming a better ebook writer and then getting your e-books online where you can sell them.

1. Write keyword rich ebooks on a targeted topic. Obviously you need a relevant topic if you expect to make money selling it.

It needs to be interesting to the reader and also answer questions and solve problems they may have. Using the Internet to research targeted keywords is a good way to determine what is popular.

Google has a free research tool for keyword research. If it is being searched on Google at a high rate chances are it’s a very hot topic.

2. Go to and see what the experts are writing about. This is a great way to come up with content ideas for your own ebook.

Purchasing ebooks from other writers is another way to gain knowledge and become a better writer. You can pick up excellent tips and techniques that they are using and implement them into your own writing.

3. Write more in other ways. Writing is a skill you can improve on. Writing articles for article directories is one way to do that.

Writing articles in your own blog and for other blogs is another idea. The more you write the better you become at it. Practice does make perfect when it comes to writing.

4. Hang out in discussion forums and on social sites. This is another way come up with excellent ideas that you can implement into your ebook writing.

Finding a hot topic of discussion forum is a good way to determine a topic that could be profitable. There are many niche forums where you can hang out and get ideas on specific targeted niches for your ebooks.

5. Learn Internet marketing skills. The only way you are going to sell something on the Internet is to market it correctly. There are many ways to go about marketing your ebook.

You can advertise it by creating a website and promoting it through a per click. Include your URL in the resource box for any of the articles are writing.

Allow other affiliate marketers to sell your ebook for you. ClickBank is the largest digital information provider in the world and they have thousands of affiliates who are available to make money selling your book.

ClickBank also handles the affiliate payments so you do not have to worry about that. Although you will be giving up some commission to the affiliate, the volume of books you sell more than makes up for that.

These are a few tips on how to make money writing and selling ebooks on the Internet. Digital information will only continue to grow in demand and offers a tremendous income opportunity for quality writers.