The Role of Keywords When Writing Articles

Writing articles and submitting them to directories is a great way to increase your online presence. In fact article directories are more or less ‘shopping malls’ for all kinds of online businesses big and small looking for content they can use. In this way any article composed by you can than be circulated around on the internet exposing it to an even larger audience. Another way in which you can tremendously increase the exposure of anything you compose is by using proper keyword optimization tactics. Simply stated by choosing the right words or phrases and strategically placing them throughout your content, you will make your article much easier to find online. The proper keyword research and placement requires just a little extra work on your part but the results make it more than worth your while.

Here is how using proper keyword optimization tactics will significantly boost the exposure of any content you may submit to online article directories.

Relevance is Established

After you carefully select only those words and phrases most relevant to your article you need to place them in a way easy for search engines to detect. Using your primary keyword/phrase in the first sentence of both your opening and closing paragraphs is recommended. Sprinkle your secondary keywords throughout the body of your articles but be careful NOT to overuse them. Now you have made your content much easier to locate!

Ranking is Established

After search engines inspect your content they will judge whether there is relevancy between the keywords you have used and the premise of your article. Assuming that there is, since you selected the best words and/or phrases, search engines will now ‘reward’ you with a good ranking. Now people can locate your content by simply doing an internet search based upon the topic your wrote about. In this way you do not need to rely upon them finding it in the article directories. You have increased the ways in which it can be found! This obviously expands your online presence!

Article Exposure is Increased

At this point you have now positioned yourself within the article directories but also gained a good placement within the search engine rankings as well! By using a few simple keyword optimization tactics you have significantly increased the chances your articles will be located. The result, tons more free traffic to your site!

Writing articles is more of the most effective and time tested ways of increasing the online presence of any person, purpose or business. Article directories make your content freely available for people to read and even use thereby giving you the perfect platform for expanding your exposure. Taking it one step further, through the use of proper keyword optimization tactics, you can tremendously magnify the amount of exposure you can receive. The discussion above serves to show how the proper use of keywords within your content can literally explode the amount of exposure you can receive. If gaining a strong online presence is a goal of yours when submitting articles, keyword optimization is a strategy you definitely need to add to your mix!

Keywords Article Writing – Three Easy and Irresistible Tips

What if you discovered three easy and simple tips that can help you to excel in your keywords article writing? Sounds excellent? Here are 3 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Learn the common words.
Step 2 – Implementing the keywords.
Step 3 – Keywords-enriched title.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Learn the common words.

Every industry has their cultures different from others and also uses common terms within them, so if you are writing your article in a particular industry then you should know their common terms and words which they use in their languages. If you are new to that industry then take efforts to read some of the articles of that field and try to learn their common words and terms because this will help you to target the correct audience with your keywords. After finding the keywords you have to implement them in the article so read further to find out how to do it?

Step 2 – Implementing the keywords.

When you are writing the article be focused on the content and not on the keywords because when you are writing the keywords will naturally fall in its perfect place so don’t worry about putting in the keywords while writing the article. After you complete writing the article then park yourself down with a piece of paper and a pen and make note of the keywords that you have found out during your research and then implement it at proper places. It’s very unobvious that I am mentioning the headlines in the end but it’s the right time to write your headline i.e. in the end.

Step 3 – Keywords-enriched title.

Writing headlines when you finished writing is very helpful because you can draft it by looking at your article and then pick out common keywords from it which can relate your headline directly to the content. Writing it in the last will also save you a lot of time that you spend in thinking the correct one and then ending up with the not so perfect headline.