3 Simple Steps to Developing Writing Ideas

New and fresh writing ideas are sometimes hard to come by if you write articles as part of your online marketing strategy. You want readers to be able to gain something useful every time they read your work. Of course you want to write articles related to your topic or niche to make it more relevant for your readers. Well today we are going to focus on how to write an article based upon how you complete a typical task that is common to your line of work. Now this task can be anything from setting up a website to composing email messages for your auto-responder as long as it is useful and relevant.

The following 3 steps will show you how to write an article by breaking down any work assignment and explaining how to successfully complete it.

Pick a Task, Any Task

Every business has some type of online marketing strategy which is made of several different variables involving countless functions that need to be performed. The range of strategies and functions that go into operating an online business seem to go on into infinity. This also gives you a plentiful supply of topics to write articles about. I will not even go into the different problems that may arise and the steps or procedures that are required to address these issues. I think you get my point………

Outline Your Procedure

Take the task you select to be the focal point of your article and break in down into the steps or procedures involved in the completion of this task. This will be your article outline. Each step or procedure is now a new paragraph or perhaps the content found within a sub-title of your article.

Remember how we said the most effective articles are the ones that are relevant to your field? Well obviously any task you choose to write about more than fills the requirement of having articles related to your field and relevant to your readers.

Describe Completing Each Step

At this point you are now merely ‘filling in the blanks’ as you finish writing your article. By taking the outline you have already put together you simply and briefly describe how to complete each step. Remember it is just an article so your description does not need to be of great detail just a good overview.

Having a constant supply of fresh writing ideas is vital for anyone who writes articles as part of their online marketing strategy. Of course to be the most effective you want to writes articles related to your field of interest to maintain relevancy for your readers. The 3 simple steps we discussed above show how to write an article based upon the steps involved in the completion of any work related assignments. When you consider the countless number of tasks involved in operating your own business you will NEVER be at a lost for ideas to write about.

Content Development – Tips, Tricks and Ideas!

When marketing on the internet one of your very first priorities will be to establish some type of content development strategy. The reason for this is actually quite simple since you will find the need for engaging and useful information in many aspects of your online endeavors. Ranging from the emails you send out to websites you build or blog posts you publish, you will be using content to connect with, or attract others all the time. Continually creating fresh information however can become increasingly more difficult if you do not have some type of strategy in place.

Here are 5 different strategies you can use to help you find and develop all the useful information you will need when you are marketing on the internet.

Your Most Popular Posts

Take a look at some of your most viewed and commented on posts and pick up where the post may have left off. Look at sub-titles or bullet points and build content based upon just one of those points. Obviously if people are viewing these entries there is an interest there, so take advantage of what your readers viewing habits indicate an ‘run’ with it!

Twitter Trending Topics

Look at what is ‘trending’ on Twitter and use this as a barometer as to what are the currently ‘hot’ topics that have captured the interest of people. See how a topic may be related to your field and write about that while supplying additional useful information in the form of your own insights or opinions. Even if you have little interest in what is being spoken about you know that others do and that is what counts!

Popular Posts of Others

Sneak a peek at other blogs to see what people are talking about, or perhaps find a popular post from which you can gather thoughts and ideas. You are bound to find plenty of useful information at the sites of others being their perspectives usually differ from your own. Once again take these ideas and develop your own content that reflect your insights, experiences and opinions. Everybody has got a different perspective so be sure to share yours!

What’s On Your Mind

Get answers to your most ‘pressing’ questions or concerns and write about it. These questions may be related to how you can increase your own efficiency or perhaps a new development within the industry. Chances are that if it is on your mind it is also on the mind of others so share your input and insights!

People may not always agree with what you wrote, and it may spark debate, but all the better since it is being talked about.

Google Suggest

By simply typing in a keyword this nifty little tool will send you all over the internet presenting to you ideas and perspectives you would never have come up with on your own. This is something I do quite a bit myself and it works great. It almost always takes you in a different direction and adds to your field of knowledge and pool of useful information as well!

No matter what type of business you are engaged in online you will likely be in need of an effective content development strategy. Marketing on the internet involves connecting with others and using content relevant to your field is very effective at doing this. Having a strategy that will allow you to continually locate and develop useful information will therefore serve to only make your efforts easier, and easier is good, right? The 5 means and ways of doing this, as suggested above, will help to minimize the time spent on finding the information you need for your use and your readers enjoyment!

6 Dynamite Sources For Blog Article Ideas

One problem all bloggers run into eventually is coming up with ideas for our next blog article. If you do this long enough it seems like eventually everything will get covered, right?

Not exactly. There is always going to be something new to discuss depending on your niche. The key is to find ways to come up with new blog article ideas without making it an excruciating process you try to avoid.

There are plenty of ways to keep new content ideas flowing to you. Here are 6 of them.

1. Google Alerts. You can receive updates on targeted keyword phrases directly to your inbox from Google. They monitor content updates on the Internet and let you know about it.

You can choose what kind of alerts you want and how often you Google send them to you. The service is free and a great source of ideas.

2. Discussion Forums. Hang out in 3 or 4 busy forums relating to the theme of your blog and you will get plenty of new ideas everyday. I like the Warrior Forum for my Internet marketing niche.

One idea is to look for the busy threads and read them. These are the hot topics that could make for a great blog article from you.

3. Other Niche Blogs. Subscribe to the RSS Feeds of other bloggers. You can see what is on their mind and what posts are getting the most comments.

An easy way to write popular blog articles is just finding a new way to present these topics in your own words. With millions blogs online today you will never run out of good ones to check out.

4. Ezines. Subscribe to online newsletters. They are full of good ideas. Some of them archive past issues and you can check them out as well. Even the advertising that is run by the Ezine owners could be good article ideas.

5. Article directories. The top article directories have thousands of articles in them.

I believe EzineArticles was the first to go over 1 million articles submitted to them. That is a lot of article ideas and they are all laid out by category so they are easy to find.

6. Search Automator Force is a free software you can use to search for ideas on anything. I like it because you can search for ideas via blogs, article directories, videos, and so on. Plus you can search multiple search engines in one place.

These are 6 dynamite sources for possible blog articles. Create a swipe file and add to it everyday. Then just go to it to find the next great blog article you are going to write.