Hiring a Full Time Blog Writer

Some webmasters and business owners don’t see the benefits of using a full time blog writer to create content for their website and readers. The fact of the matter is, most websites cannot exists without fresh content updated in the search engines. The biggest search engines include Yahoo and Google.

Both engines are getting stricter about how they publish and crawl websites for content. Not only is it enough to create constant, quality blog posts and articles on a regular basis, but it is also essential to create information content that is 100% unique. Here is why using a full time freelance writer is better than trying to write the articles yourself:

You Will Get Writer’s Fatigue

If you own a blog that caters to a certain niche, more than likely, you are also selling product and services. This is the whole point of attracting readers; besides the point of sharing personal thoughts and opinions. Most webmasters outsource their blog post writing assignments using a content writing service. This will save them a lot of money and time in the end. Some blog owners may also need content to submit to article directories as well.

Most online business owners find it very difficult to product their own content and make sure they are making their readers and/or clients happy. Just imagine if you had to create e-books, newsletters, graphic designs, etc. AND had to write your own articles. One of the tasks are going to wear you down.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Blog Writing Duties

Most blog writers know how to come up with their own topics and titles. As long as they know the particular niche for your website, they can do the rest on their own. One of the biggest benefits of using a freelance writing service is that you can save money by receiving discounts. Most writers have lot of competition with others. In order to compete, they will over new or existing clients free content in exchange for frequent writing assignments.

Some writing companies also provide free keyword-research. Any good webmaster knows that every article must be unique, informative and keyword-rich. Most SEO writers have trained themselves on how to add a variety of keywords within an article to get the top rankings in the search engine. Ever wonder why one article posted by a publisher allows them to get 1000 hits in one day?

It is also safe to purchase articles from experienced blog writers for hire because most of them use a safe online merchant, such as Paypal, to make transactions. Paypal will allow both parties to create contracts, send invoices and file disputes in case something goes wrong for free. This will eliminate the need for using Escrow services, which can cost a fortune if you are paying per writing assignment.

How Much Should You Pay a Blog Article Writer?

It all depends on your website’s niche and how complex the subject is. More complex niches such as technology, science, or finance will involve more research. Most writers charge a flat rate, but if you want to bring a writer on board full time, it is best to charge an hourly rate. Experienced blog writers can demand anything between $40-$200 per blog post. Most new writers will not charge this much ($10-$25 per article or blog post). Of course, this also depends on how many words are needed. It all boils down to; you get what you pay for. As mentioned before, a full time freelance writer will decrease the cost (if they are using a flat-rate) in order to receive constant work.

Hiring a Good full-time Fashion Writer

Finding a quality online fashion writer is essential for any website or blog owner. With the Internet, it is now easier than ever to find a full time fashion writer for hire. Here are some interesting tips on making sure your freelance writer can deliver:

With the Internet, it is not really necessary for a writer to have years and years of writing experience in order to land any freelance gig. All they need is a few published pieces on the Internet to be considered for the job. When looking for a writer, experience really only counts if you own an online magazine which has a large number of paying subscribers or want to generate buzz for your site through an author’s name.

If this is the case, hiring a ‘guest fashion blogger or writer’ can be prove to be vital. If you need basic fashion-related articles to submit to the article directories or for your own site, then it is okay to go with rookies or new writers, as long as they know how to dig up a good story or create interesting article titles.

Talk The Right Price

As mentioned before, there are new writers being born everyday. Even if they are a new writer, it is still important to look at their skill level. When it comes to hiring a daily fashion writer, it is important to realize that you get what you pay for. There are a ton of online writing agencies who charge their clients $10, but then turn around and hire a writer to complete the job for $3. How much effort and research do you think a writer will do for only $3. It is important to pay writers fairly, especially if they are decent writers and don’t mind doing a lot of work to create a perfectly polished article.

Where To Find Fashion Freelance Writers

There are a ton of places to find writers, however, finding a good writer who specializes in fashion is hard to do because it is a specialized niche. Some fashion writers will post their services in free classified ads, or they will create their own website and market it online to potential clients.

If you find a personal blog, look for a contact number or email to see if they would like to write for your blog or create ezine articles for directory submission. Most fashion blog owners would be happy to do it since they could use the extra income. Some new bloggers are not really making money from their ads on their website, so they would jump at the opportunity.
Securing The Job

Some webmasters are very nervous about using online writers or blog writers. The feeling is very mutual amongst freelance fashion bloggers and writers. To ease this feeling, make sure to prepare writing agreements or use an escrow service.Paypal is a good service to use when using a daily fashion freelance writer because if the client has a complaint, they can use Paypal as a third-party source to investigate any problems.

Hiring a Freelance Writer

What Can a Freelance Writer Do For You?

A freelance writer is an independent contractor who usually telecommutes (works from home). You might hire a freelance writer for a small project or on an on-going basis to do regular work, part- or full-time. Freelance writers can tackle any writing or editing project you may have, including: articles, reports, web content, proofreading, press releases, reviews, business plans, ghostwriting, e-books, brochures, letters, print ads, speeches, presentations, newsletters, scripts, contracts, questionnaires, training manuals, and more. Freelance writers can also do research, planning, brain storming, organizing, and branding. Additionally, many modern freelance writers are very knowledgeable about search engine optimization (SEO).

Where to Find a Freelance Writer?

It is fairly easy to find a freelance writer since the advent of the Internet. Some of the most popular web sites for locating freelance writers are Elance, iFreelance, and GetAFreelancer. The way these three sites are set up is that people or companies with writing projects post what they need done. Freelance writers who are members of the web site can place bids on the projects. When the desired time period is up, the buyer chooses a bidder.

Elance is probably the most established of the three sites. Elance offers dispute mediation, an optional escrow service to pay your freelancer, and allows the freelancers to verify their credentials (such as previous employers or degrees earned). Elance does charge a project fee of 6-8%. Ifreelance and Getafreelancer basically just provide a way for buyers and providers to connect (no extras like mediation and escrow). All three of the sites allow the freelancers to create profiles where they can describe their background and skills and provide writing samples. The professionalism on Getafreelancer is, in my opinion, noticeably lower than the other two sites.

Do not overlook Craigslist for posting your writing project. A company called Freelance Daily compiles a list of all the freelance writing jobs posted online (Craigslist, Monster, etc.) every weekday and e-mails them to subscribers. The Freelance Daily goes out to thousands of writers. Additionally, you can also hire a freelance writing firm to handle your project. Many firms bid on jobs on these sites, but some do not.

How to Write Up Your Project Proposal?

The more detail you can provide for your freelance applicants the better. A good project description, like a good job description, is thorough, accurate, and informative. How many pages is the project? How many words should the articles be? Does the project involve research? Do you have a sample you can provide? Do you have a web address you can include? What is the subject matter involved? Is it double-spaced or single-spaced? Will the writer retain rights to the work product or will you? Will the writer’s name be printed on the work product giving him or her credit?

To assist you in providing the proper details, you should know that, on average, a full 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper full of single-spaced writing in 10 or 12 point font contains about 500 words. A similar double-spaced page contains about 250. The average blog post or web content article contains 300-500 words. Also, remember to ask for a resumé and three writing samples in your project proposal.

Some other tips are to consider checking your writer’s work with CopyScape. CopyScape is a website designed to check if a document has been published somewhere else already. Even if just a portion of the document is plagiarized, CopyScape can identify that. Additionally, many providers on freelance writing sites are from India or other countries where English is not the native language. If you only want to hire a native English speaker, please specify that in your proposal. Also, if you want the writer to turn in documents in a non-traditional format, clarify this in your proposal. If you expect anything other than a .doc or .rtf document, let the applicants know. If the writer will need special software, clarify this as well. Lastly, if your project requires proofreading or editing, specify whether you want the freelancer to use traditional proofreading symbols or just “laymen’s terms.” If you want the proofreader to use a certain reference manual like the APA (American Psychological Association) or Chicago Manual of Style, specify this.

Terminology to Know

Be familiar with the correct terminology. Here are a few terms to help you out:

Blogger/Blogging – A blog, or web log, is like an online diary or journal. Blogs may contain personal or business-related content. Blogs are typically updated with new content on a regular basis. Typically, blogs provide a place for readers to leave comments and feedback. People may subscribe to blogs, like newsletters. A blogger is someone who posts blog content. Blogging is the act of posting content to a blog.

Copywriting: Not the same as “copyright,” which refers to intellectual property. Copywriting refers to writing “copy.” Copy is any text that promotes a business, service, person, or concept, i.e. marketing materials. Many copywriters work for advertising agencies, newspapers, or magazines.

Ghostwriter: Someone who is hired to write for someone else. The writer allows the person who hired them to claim his or her writing as their own.


Light Proofreading–Correcting misspellings, grammar and punctuation mistakes, verifying references, and ensuring consistency

Medium Proofreading–Light proofreading plus checking for tone, structure, run-on sentences, voice, tense, disjointed ideas

Heavy Proofreading–Medium proofreading plus condensing wordiness, smoothing out transitions between paragraphs, readability, eliminating cliché s, and any other correction or comment that may be noticed by the proofreader

Re-Write: Many companies are in need of having news items or similar content re-written. If this is what you need, specify that candidates will not need to create original content but rather just re-work or re-arrange existing content. The price for this should be less than drafting original copy.

Web Content: Any content on your website, to include text, pictures, videos, or logos, is considered web content.

White Papers: Articles that express an organization’s standing or philosophy on an issue. White papers are in some ways reports that may provide results of a recent project or conclusions made by recent research.

How to Select a Writer From All the Qualified Candidates?

Most likely any clear and concise project proposal you post is going to leave you inundated with applicants. Expect anywhere from 5 to 40 applicants per post. How do you determine who is the best match for the job?

What many buyers do is ask the freelance applicants to write a sample article, give 10 ideas for sample blog posts, proofread a sample page, etc. By creating a “sample test,” you can weed out applicants in a number of ways. First of all, some applicants will be too busy to do your sample. Dedicated applicants who really want the job will make time. Second, applicants will turn in the test after your due date, misread directions, and otherwise expose their weaknesses. You can also consider conducting phone interviews at the final stage of the process. Still unsure? Hire the top 2-3 candidates on a conditional basis for a short project and decide after that.

How to Charge and Pay for Your Freelance Writer?

You have a lot of flexibility on how you pay your freelance writer: per word, per article, per page, per project, hourly, or on a pre-arranged flat fee. As far as paying your freelancer, PayPal is probably the easiest way, unless the writer is going to be on your payroll getting paper checks. If you use Elance, you can use their escrow system.

Other Issues to Consider

If you are doing a long-term project, consider setting milestones for the project, i.e. breaking it up into a series of small projects with intermittent due dates. You can also use a website like BaseHQ to keep track of the project with the freelancer. This site provides a common workspace for two parties working long-distance on a similar project.

Also, if your freelance writer is working with sensitive material for your company, consider having them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This document will bind the freelancer into keeping your trade secrets private.