Article Marketing – Free Content to Help Make Future Sales

Free online content can still help you with your online efforts.  Creating free articles and ebooks have a sneaky way of building up awareness about your business.  Many times people are looking for free information online and this is the perfect opportunity to get into the heads of a potential customer.  Even if they are not buying from you at the start.  Why am I saying this?  This is what has happened to me.

How often do you go online looking for free information on a topic?  Do you check the forums for new information.  When you are just starting out in a new area, you want to learn a few of the tips and secrets before you buy a product.

The free information online is a great way to learn the basics about a topic.  The authors of these free information products get the first place in your head when it comes to that topic.  So as you see them posting information online or when you sign up for their list when you get the free product, it locks them in.  If the information is good, you will tend to pay attention to it going forward.  After a while, you start to become comfortable with the author of the content and before you know it, you buy a product.  Even if the product is low priced.

What if you don’t buy something from that person initially?  You are still on their list and who knows, you might see something much later from the list that gets you into the buying mood. Free information is valuable if it really helps the reader.  Information on how to create blogs, how to start writing online content, and how to build mailing lists will continue to pull in new people.  These are some of the building blocks that people need to learn to do business online.

Powerful free information turns you into an expert to these new users.  How many ezine and email lists do you belong to?  Have you ever purchased after getting free information online?  Free information really opens the door to future purchases.