Promote Your Speaking and Coaching with Free Articles

How much time do you spend promoting your business? Two hours out of six? One hour out of six? Maybe not even that much. No need to feel guilty. Today, through a simple, yet elegant way to promote, you can spend only 3-4 hours a week to get your word out. And you’ll reach thousands, rather than just a few. Guru Peter Drucker said that only marketing and promoting produce results in business. The rest are costs. I agree. Do you want better results too? Some Promotions Work Better than Others While press releases, book reviews, post cards, business cards, networking, appearances on radio and TV, and selling products from the back of the room brought me some success, it was slow and small. Like you perhaps, I was unsatisfied with the number of clients. There must be a better way I thought. I reached out first, to research how I could promote online. During that time, I wrote three eBooks, which I also sell in print. They took me 4 months to write. I learned that print books can actually be sold the same as eBooks because you can promote both through submitting articles to spam-free to online ezines in your field. These can bring new clients every week you submit. When people like your free information they will be more interested in going to your site to learn more about you. What I learned: Free information is the key. To set up my virtual marketing machine I gathered e and URL addresses of ePublishers and Web sites who wanted free information. I started writing new articles, dusting off old ones, and leveraging new articles with different angles. After subscribing to these ezines, you are allowed to submit your articles. It takes about 4-7 days. They send an email to you to confirm. In the meantime, you need to set up your computer files called “articles to submit,” adding new publishing addresses into your file when others admire and say they’ll use your article. Keep track of all these email addresses to make the most of viral marketing. Remember you just push a button and viola your article is sent to thousands of the free ezine subscribers. While the saying goes that we should promote 90%, I decided that I could spend less time on promotion with this technique. You can now enjoy your own virtual marketing machine to make from 7-17 new coaching clients in two months like I did. Realize that without the right kind of promotion your useful products, teleclasses, and services would remain mainly untapped. Your time and money investment? Just the time with a coach or a teleclass to show you how to do this amazing online marketing method. Another advantage of submitting articles to ePublishers is that you don’t have much competition in cyberspace. So many businesses are online, and every one of them needs inspiration, information, and entertainment. Opportunities abound for you who coach and speak in personal growth, business, career, and other subjects. Remember, it’s free information that gets people to know who you are. It turns out it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. Submitting your free articles online answers the call.

Free Articles Are the Source of Valuable Information

There are numbers of websites present on the World Wide Web for free of cost articles. These sites provide the article on wide variety of topics without any cost. Various sites also provide facilities to the user to submit their notes on the websites for sharing information, publicity of any person, promotion of films, goods, services etc. To post their articles user first register with the website by providing some necessary information like name, age phone number, email, etc. After registering, user can submit their articles on the websites.

Various websites of free contents offer the useful information on wide range of subjects. These articles provide the useful information about various issues of the human life like Arts and Entertainment, Business, Communications, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Travel and Leisure etc.

These websites are also very ideal for sharing information and promotion of any firm and their goods and services. Any user can create their account on the websites and write some text on any subjects and submit to the websites. Writer must take care about the spelling, grammar, punctuations and also the length of the text. The content of the articles should not be copied from any other websites and must be good quality and with accurate information.

Accuracy in the information is most important issue in the submitted content by the writers because these contents are published publicly over the internet and thousands of people read that contents with great faith. So if the content is not 100% accurate, it can misguide the people or may be resultant in any loss for them.

These sites also offer a good space for expressing the views on wide range of subjects. These sites offer the facility to the professional writers, common peoples and also celebrities to express their views on the various common, social, business, and other kind of activities. These sites are the most convenient way of putting the views in fort of the world without any expense.

Popular Free Article sites also offer a good start to the people who want to become writes but don’t have enough time and resources. On these sites anyone can publish his/her content and become a popular writer. So if someone wants to be a professional writer, these sites are the very good platform. He can write attractive articles on various different subjects and attracts the professional people to hire them for writing.

In these days Free Article Submission are very popular and offering an exciting platform to the people to share relevant information and also for the commercial purpose like publicity and promotion of goods and services. Various sites provide the free article list for the most popular articles. These lists assist the information seekers to search the content of their interest. So if you want to information on any particular subject just browse the free article sites and get the desired information.