How to Quickly and Effectively Write Many Articles

In the earlier days, the important thing when it came to article writing was to produce articles with good, relevant content and clarity. However, this is not the case today. Aside from the content, the quantity of the articles is also material. So the number of articles to be used in marketing is important and must be considered as a part of every article marketing campaign. It is necessary to learn how to create articles with both quality and quantity.

Here are some of the tips to make article writing as easy and as quick as possible:

Find a general topics

There are many topics that one can write about. To make writing quicker, find a general topic that can cover a great range of subtopics. For example, think about creating articles about dogs. The topic of dogs can cover a lot of things.

List specific topics

Once the general topic is determined, the next step is to list the subtopics that can go under it. Following the example above, the dog topic can have subtopics covering general information, breeds, tips about caring for your dog and other related subtopics.

Have an “overview” reading

An overview reading will give the article writer the idea of what to write about. Conduct your overview reading and research before you sit down to write. It will consume too much time if you wait to complete the research until during the article writing process itself. If the writer knows what to write without needing to spend much time on research, the writing process will go smoothly and easily.

Create an outline

Outlines will help guide the writer in maintaining the consistency of the article. Create a general outline that will provide coherent development of the ideas as the topics are elaborated. Start with an introduction, material points and finally the conclusion.

Elaborate on the outline

This is where the actual writing process comes in. Supply the article with important and relevant details only. Do not attempt to prolong it by using senseless ideas and filler. As much as possible be sure to select and use simple and easy to understand words.

Make sure that everything is direct and to the point

Readers hate it when the article has too much in it. Go directly to the point. Including too many irrelevant items in the article will only end up losing the readers. This is because they will either get bored or they will find the article useless for their search.

These tips will help you to generating articles in the shortest time possible without sacrificing the quality of the output. Make each article count and improve its use in every marketing campaign.

Be Understood – Speaking Clearly and Effectively

Don’t you just hate it when someone rambles on and on with no point? Or in the opposite situation, when they say so little that you wonder what it was all about? If you would like to prevent blank stares or misunderstandings, read on.

People aren’t mind readers…you have to make sure you communicate both the “what” and the “why” to them. It’s really not that difficult to lead them from Point A to Point B. You just have to make a new habit of fleshing out the important parts of what you are talking about. Here are some examples of how you can do this. (Assuming that the problem is not due to a physical speech problem like talking too fast or not pronouncing words distinctly – I do plan on covering this subject at a later time though)

Be specific

Our brains work best when we talk about concrete specific things. Nothing makes conversation more boring than using all generalities. Details are key…add them liberally!! For instance, if you are talking about the ballgame that you went to, you could talk about the exciting energy in the stadium, the sour taste of the hotdogs, the guy that sat in front of you that smelled like swiss cheese, your favorite part of the game, who won, etc. This is much better than simply saying something like “Oh it fun. We had hotdogs and it was a good time.” Remember: generic = boring. Boring words lead to people being bored.

Speak in terms that they can understand

Everyone has different levels of experience. The best communicators know this and adapt the level of conversation to the listener’s understanding. For example, I am a guitar player. The way that I discuss what I love about music is very different when I am talking to a fellow musician that it would be talking to anyone else. It would be pointless to refer to music theory and different sonic techniques if they don’t know about them. Whomever I talk with, I try to make sure that what I talk about is in terms that they can understand. I do this by relating what I know to something that I am positive that they already know about. Sometimes it means that I put a little extra effort in relating to them, but it’s easy and helps us understand each other.

Make your point obvious

I am not someone who tends to ramble on and on, but I have friends who do this, God bless em! They move from subject to subject in such a rapid fashion that you have no clue what they are trying to get across. After about the 3rd or 4th topic change I begin to become lost in their maze of thinking. I’m sure what they are saying is valid…it would just be nice if they explained the point of it all! It makes conversation much easier if you throw in sentences that bluntly say what you are feeling or thinking. What is the main drive behind your conversation? We cannot always read minds…it helps others if you make your point obvious. You may think that it may insult their intelligence to do this, but that is a false belief. They will appreciate it. They know where you are going with the conversation and will follow you with renewed vigor.

For those who tend to be more reserved or shy, they also make the same mistake of not explaining their thoughts enough. Again, we cannot read minds! If this describes you, add a few sentences that explain things better so that others can understand you. It is better to explain what and why you think something than to make others guess.

Check in with them

Do a quick check to make sure that they really have understood what you were talking about. Are they reacting appropriately? Are they staring blankly at you with a deer in the headlights look? Do they immediately talk about something that isn’t even connected to what you are trying to say? These are big clues that you lost them somehow. Back up and make things more obvious to them.

Basically these all boil down to talking more and being more descriptive with what you do say. When in doubt, err on the side of talking too much rather than not saying enough. You’ll find that others will appreciate it and listen to you more intently.

Freelance Writers – Market Yourself Effectively

Not all of us are born marketers and many professionals find it difficult to let the wider world out there know about the extent of their goods and services. We have been taught in elementary school not to brag or appear as being boastful, but to make it in the world of freelance writing you have to prove to people why you are better than your competitors.

When it comes to self-promotion and self-marketing, you have to consider yourself as a brand, in a fashion similar to MacDonald’s, Nike, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. These brands are instantly recognizable and there is a certain quality and consistent value linked to them. Just imagine yourself as being known as the Coke of the freelance writing world.

On order for you to operate in a similar league, you have to think of yourself as being a winner. The one common attribute of winners, is that they usually focus first on their accomplishments and by not giving up easily. As a writer, you need to have something specific and noticeable to say about yourself, which clearly differentiates you from the rest. This is what will make prospective employers take a closer look at you and your quality of work.

Another route to follow is to become well-known within a certain writing niche, and thus establish your reputation as an expert. In this respect, you can focus on article writing, eBook writing or even copy-editing. To be a specialist in a certain niche is frequently much better than trying to be a jack of all trades. This will also present you with an opportunity to market yourself much better, especially if you have managed to complete writing work for reputable people or well-known organisations.

It is essential that you also have a means of getting the word out about yourself and your freelance writing business. This can involve something as simple as having some high quality business cards printed, right up to getting your own website. In this modern day of Internet marketing, it is almost impossible for freelance writers not to have a website from where they can showcase their portfolio.

There is a great deal of importance linked to building relationships with your clients irrespective of whether you have only a few, or hundreds on your books. All of the big branding names like Nike have gone to extremes to build relationships with their millions of clients merely through their high-quality products.

Your products have the capacity to build your relationships and therefore ensure that you always provide high-quality writing and people will not only come back automatically, but also refer other potential clients.