Promote your Coaching or Speaking Business Through eBooks

In these uncertain times when we all would like to feel safe, when we don’t really want to travel so much for our business, we need to look to the Online Marketing Machine of ePublishing. Your audience today is Internet savvy. They love the Web, surf it regularly and are looking for specific information that. You have that expertise already and can easily put it into an eBook. Business audiences want concise, easy-to-read short books on subjects from personal growth to how-to books. They are willing to print short eBooks, often only the chapters they plan to read immediately. Hardly any business person wants to read a long book any more. If you are like me, you probably don’t want to either. Ebooks are the wave of the future, and anyone, even those who think they can’t write, can create a quality eBook in less than a month. With a little help from a book coach, you can learn the three or four best ways to use your eBook with other Online Promotion-and watch your client base grow. If you are a speaker, you already have several talks you can give. One of those talks can be your first short eBook. Print books and traditional publishing don’t support the author. They take way too long, and only give the author a pittance for a lot of hard work. E books are easy work. In fact, with the articles you have in your files, plus the talks you already have written, you have the beginnings of your first eBook. Instead of 200 pages, think 10-30 pages. Instead of 15 chapters, think of 3-5 sections. Instead of long stories, think of tips. Why an eBook? Today, professionals need a Web site to market their services. In that Web site they need a home page with marketing pizzazz that uses benefit-driven headlines to drive the visitor to their coaching pages as well as to their product pages. On these pages you have your “sales letter” crafted to entice your reader to buy. EBooks help your coaching business because you can give the very short ones away when people subscribe to your eNewsletter. Your ezine helps promote both your eBooks and your services. Even if you don’t have your own Web site, you can sell eBooks on other sites. Many pay up to 70% royalties-a much better deal than Amazon. The “Big Three” Marketing Machine 1. Write or use short articles already in your files. Subscribe and submit them to Opt-in Ezines. 2. Expand several articles to become an eSpecial Report, or eBook as some call them. You can give these away also, and you can also charge $4.95-$7.95 for them. 3. Write your short eBook including a short introduction (sales letter), table of contents, a simple cover, and apply the essential “hot selling points” like the 30-60 “Tell and Sell.” In each of these include all of your promotion information, your list of other products, your announcement about your coaching services, your one-page for speaking, and an order page with instructions that make it easy to “buy.” Why Write an eBook? Using this trio, you will attract many more people to your Web site, to your talks, seminars and teleclasses. You will attract new clients as well as new subscribers to your ezine. In the long run, you will create a business easy and fun to operate. You’ll create even more client loyalty and trust while building your reputation. And you create an ongoing, lifelong income-enough to keep you sound and secure in any economic situation.

How To Make Money Writing and Selling eBooks On The Internet

I recently read where Amazon announced ebook sales were outperforming hard book copies by 43% over th past 3 months. There are several reasons for this, but it should be enough to make you want to learn how to make money writing and selling ebooks on the Internet.

In this article I want to offer a few tips on becoming a better ebook writer and then getting your e-books online where you can sell them.

1. Write keyword rich ebooks on a targeted topic. Obviously you need a relevant topic if you expect to make money selling it.

It needs to be interesting to the reader and also answer questions and solve problems they may have. Using the Internet to research targeted keywords is a good way to determine what is popular.

Google has a free research tool for keyword research. If it is being searched on Google at a high rate chances are it’s a very hot topic.

2. Go to and see what the experts are writing about. This is a great way to come up with content ideas for your own ebook.

Purchasing ebooks from other writers is another way to gain knowledge and become a better writer. You can pick up excellent tips and techniques that they are using and implement them into your own writing.

3. Write more in other ways. Writing is a skill you can improve on. Writing articles for article directories is one way to do that.

Writing articles in your own blog and for other blogs is another idea. The more you write the better you become at it. Practice does make perfect when it comes to writing.

4. Hang out in discussion forums and on social sites. This is another way come up with excellent ideas that you can implement into your ebook writing.

Finding a hot topic of discussion forum is a good way to determine a topic that could be profitable. There are many niche forums where you can hang out and get ideas on specific targeted niches for your ebooks.

5. Learn Internet marketing skills. The only way you are going to sell something on the Internet is to market it correctly. There are many ways to go about marketing your ebook.

You can advertise it by creating a website and promoting it through a per click. Include your URL in the resource box for any of the articles are writing.

Allow other affiliate marketers to sell your ebook for you. ClickBank is the largest digital information provider in the world and they have thousands of affiliates who are available to make money selling your book.

ClickBank also handles the affiliate payments so you do not have to worry about that. Although you will be giving up some commission to the affiliate, the volume of books you sell more than makes up for that.

These are a few tips on how to make money writing and selling ebooks on the Internet. Digital information will only continue to grow in demand and offers a tremendous income opportunity for quality writers.

Improved Ebook Writing Skills- 6 Tips To Writing Better Ebooks

Do you want to create best selling ebooks? Here are some tips you can use to improve your ebook writing.

1. Bank on your skills and knowledge. When choosing the best topics to write about, ensure that you consider what you do best. List down all the things that you are most passionate about and the things that you are an expert on.

These are the best sources of your book topics as these will allow you to offer your readers with valuable information. Don’t forget to do a keyword research to make sure that your chosen topics have viable market online.

2. Offer quality ebooks. If you want to easily make a mark on this field, you must strive to offer your readers with nothing but the best.

This is not only to give them their money’s worth but also to ensure that they will come back for more. Aside from loading your ebooks with valuable information, ensure that your content flows smoothly.

It must be free from any types of errors and it must read really well. Your clients must feel very pleased, well-informed, and satisfied the moment they finish reading your ebooks.

3. Know your audience. If you don’t know what they are looking for in the first place you cannot give your readers what they truly need.

So it is very important that you take some time to get to know these people. Hang out on their favorite forums and discussion boards and get as much information about them that can help you gauge their needs and demands.

4. Help your readers. Allow your ebooks to become your instruments in helping your readers improve the quality of their lives.

Share with them a slice of your expertise so you can empower them to do things on their own, help them resolve their pressing issues, and find the most appropriate answers to their burning questions.

5. Stick with facts. Tell the truth and don’t resort to exaggerations and embellishments.

Remember, you are feeding your readers with information that they might actually use in their lives. So misleading them is not actually an option as this can severely damage your online reputation. Consider verifying the information you have against reputable resources before you sell your ebooks online.

6. Market your ebooks. Once they are written you need to promote them. Use article marketing, email marketing, blogging, and paid advertising.

Following these 6 tips will help you improve your ebook writing which will make them easier to sell.