Different Content Writing Services to Make Your Website More Popular

Most companies and business organizations own websites nowadays for online marketing and promotion. The textual and non textual content of the websites sell or promote a company’s products and services and upholds the brand image. Thus expert content writing services such as SEO content writing, article writing etc are highly popular nowadays in the corporate world. Content writing services are important because it is the written content that provides descriptions and in formations about a company’s products, services, policies, terms and conditions etc.

Well written website content has a high marketing value and is a valuable investment which keeps generating revenues for years. Website content writing services include article writing, SEO content writing, technical writing, blog writing, newsletter writing, website copywriting etc. Companies providing content writing services offer various types of content writing at reasonable prices to domestic and global clients. The written content gets delivered to the clients on time. Content writing companies have teams of skilled and qualified content writers. Nowadays content writing is becoming the preferred career option for many.

The web content writers are skilled to write for various sectors like IT, websites, travel, real estate, hospitality, finance, business, health, education etc. Website content should be well written, well researched, interesting, lucid and informative. Ideal web content must be persuasive, unique and SEO optimized. Website content should neither be too short nor too long and must avoid repetitiveness.

Different types of content writing

Article writing- Article writing requires a lot of skill, web research and knowledge.A web content writerwho specializes in article writing can write well researched articles thatare informative, interesting, keyword-rich and lucid. Experienced article writers can write on various topics and are aware of theUS,UK and Australian writing styles so that the clients may get their work done in the required style. A well written article should be free from grammatical and spelling errors. Well written articles provided by the content writing companies to their clients are free from any kind of plagiarism and are CopyScape approved.

SEO content writing- SEO content writing is an important aspect of web content writing. SEO means search engine optimization. SEO content writing boosts the online visibility, search engine rankings and traffic of websites. The web content is highly optimized by inserting search engine friendly, relevant keywords at right places in right amounts, throughout the content, without disrupting the natural flow of writing. The keywords should be related to the content and its topic and there should not be any forced stuffing of keywords. A website’s design, headlines, footer text, header text, logos, images and meta description and meta title areas are made keyword-rich for on page SEO optimization.

Technical writing- A technical content writer has to put down complex, authentic technical information in simple, comprehensible and logical manner so that tech savvy as well as non technical readers can understand the content. The technical writer is aware of the latest trends, technologies and gadgets.

How to Write Thank You Cards For Different Occasions

When it comes to writing thank you cards, sometimes, you find it very difficult to find the right words. Well, there are no rules or general format to write these notes. The choice of words will obviously depend upon the nature of the occasion. The content and style will vary a lot. However, no matter what the occasion is, it is always better to start with the first name of the person. Following are some of the ideas that will get your creative juices going.

Thanking For Attending The Funeral Of A Loved One

When you lose a loved one, many people come to support you during this hard time. In this difficult time, you really appreciate that they were there with you, but you may not have an idea on how to send them a funeral thank you cards, thanking for their support and presence. That is the reason why it is very important for you to be aware on how to write such notes. If you already know the words, the task will become easier for you. The first thing that you need is the list of the people who you want to send the cards to. The easiest way to do this is to save all the cards and notes that they give to you. You may also assign this task to a friend or family member to keep track of the flowers and gifts and who gave them. This way, after the funeral is over, you have all the names in one place and all you have to do now is just write and send. You do not need to write long sentences in these thank you cards. Just short sentences expressing your thanks will do. You do not have to be very creative about it either. If you do not want to go wrong with the words, the best way is to write from the heart.

Thank You Notes For Graduation

When you graduate, you are likely to be showered with lots of gifts from friends and relatives. This is how we usually congratulate a graduate. But when someone congratulates you this way, it is not enough to just say thank you. You must also write a thank you note to them. This is how you can let them know that you really loved and appreciated their gifts. However, you do not have to thank only those who gave you gifts. You have to send special graduation thank you cards to your teachers and coaches as well. You can either buy a readymade card from store or create a custom card right on your computer.

Those who gave you gifts also want to know whether the gifts were useful to you or not. Therefore, while thanking for the gifts in your thank you cards, do not forget to let them know about how you plan to utilize their gift.

Different Types Of Content Writing Services

Content writing on the web is rightly considered to be the king and requires writers need to maintain integrity of the text and its meaning. Content writing is the popular freelancing activity, but there are only few who know the different types of content writing services available. A good content writer can earn good income, provided one does a good job as per the client’s requirements, keeping in mind the potential copyright issues.

Earlier, a writer was a journalist, a fiction or a non-fiction writer or an academic book writer. While, today with the internet being the powerful media, writers have evolved defining in various areas or writing content for websites. The different types of content writing services include:

Article Writing- The basic form is article or content writing. This involves writing topics on customer requirements and mostly covers evergreen topics such as travel, weight loss, hotels and shopping.

Blog Posting- This is also a type of article writing that is written on people’s blogs or websites directly, instead of sending them by email.

Copy Writing- This is a paying job as it requires language expertise. The language should be persuasive, yet convincing. Copywriters are in good demand and people earn thousands by writing sales letters alone.

eBook Writing- This is appropriate for writers who are adept in a particular topic such as SEO, weight loss, etc. eBook ranges between 3000 to 50000 words and is in a .pdf format.

Press Release Writing- This is a piece of news and needs to be good to be posted as press release. It cannot include anything, but for honest news.

Technical Writing- This is also a high paying job requiring language command and strong knowledge. Writing a book on engineering, programming or medicine implies good, depth knowledge.

Product Reviews and Descriptions- This is also a type of article writing that requires one to write products or services reviews or even product descriptions.

Ghost Writing- This content writing type is that you are writing for someone else and so can be used anywhere as a blog or an article, etc.

Forum Posting- A low paying piece of work, right for a starter to make small income.

Proof Reading and Editing- This deals with proof reading articles and books written by others and making the necessary changes.