Quality Content Writing: What You Need To Look For

If you have been an online writer for quite some time and spent your precious moments writing for the web, you must have had those times when you hear disaster gossips and myths about web writing. So how do you feel? Pity? Anxious? Furious? Or Ridiculous? Well, if you are a religious writer, one of these emotions would have hit you real hard somewhere at the creative membrane!

I can see those hands going up!

I belong to the similar bandwagon. However, given the personality system that I have, it’s disappointing to know that perceptions floating around aren’t real as they should be. So all the wrong gossips compelled me to share my melancholy towards the myths prevailing about web content writing.

Let’s clarify things:

Writing is easy – For all those who get a sudden rush of conviction that they can write, they should ponder over the level of creativity and acumen that’s required to map and create a great content. Any form of writing is tough and doesn’t come easy. Clients who meet us with an excuse that they need content writing services simply because they don’t have the time for writing, make me sarcastically grin within. For creative sake, writing is not a brownie. Casually writing for the sake is one thing, and writing to make an impact is another!

Write and relax till readers come – Give me a break! All those in the trade must know that writing a copy and publishing it is not all that matters. Optimizing it is a big deal in itself. A content well written and published minus optimization is like preparing a field where no one came to play. Cohesive optimization and a great writing make a stupendous writer that has the potential to roll in readers as well.

Rewriting is content writing – Many out there have a perception that rewriting an article is precisely content writing, FALSE! It takes a lot of research, analysis and mind structuring to write a superior article.

Content writers are underpaid – Well, I would oppose this hugely. It depends upon how a writer markets his talent and the real calibre as well. If you have the right potential and the right kind of projects, you would be touching pinnacles in no time.

Stuff keywords to rank higher – People who think this way, need real time therapy! A content that is stuffed with keywords is like feeding a belly beyond saturation. In clear words, overstuffing is spamming. Watch out! You will be penalized.

Years of experience matter – Well, I am not willing to go contrary on this, but it’s actually not about the years that count but the substance that a writer produces over and over again. Your quality of work is more appreciated than the time you have spent in the trade. Experience is certainly a trump, but has no relevance when it comes to delivering real fodder. It’s primarily about how eager you are to produce brilliant copies.

Content Writing for an Ultimate Home Page

The homepage of your website is the most significant page of all. Do not ignore the home page. This is the page that is first visited by the online audience. You have to write a well thought-out content for your homepage. Ensure that the homepage becomes a perfect one when your content writing team writes it after careful planning of the content. It must be a page that is short, concise and written in a lucid style to keep your visitors engaged. A long and drab homepage will leave your readers bored, making them move away from the page.
There are many things such as website design, layout, and graphics that make your home page interesting and engaging. Of all, the content of your homepage carries equal importance for attracting visitors as they will be looking for information about your website the moment they land on your homepage.
A. Simple and Lucid Content: Remember that your homepage should be written to make the visitor your potential customer. Your content therefore must be written to fulfill that purpose and not writing sonnets or a literary piece embellished with flowery language. Avoid using words that have ambiguity as this will keep your readers uncertain in their actions. Instead, use simple but strong sentences to make the right impact. Revise the content of your homepage to do way with words that perplex your visitors.
B. Avoid Lengthy Copy: Keep your homepage short. Use engrossing and convincing sentences for the right impact. Remember that adding exceptionality to your homepage content is not about making it a lengthy one, but making it relevant. Present the information at the beginning rather than making your visitors long scroll for the page to find facts.
C. Call to Action Page: It is true that the home page should have important and relevant information about your site. Besides, it should also prompt your visitor to do some activities like requesting him to have a look at your products or services for making an effective purchase. You can keep a link like ‘Subscribe Now’ at the end of the content. This is important since the visitors should have the easy of finding a link that leads to the buying option, if they are willing to make a purchase.
D. Keep your Visitors Engaged: A professional website content writing company writes copies that keep your visitors engrossed on the homepage. Write content that do not make your visitors lose focus since their attention span being very short. Avoid educating the visitor too much on the home page. Be precise on what you want your visitors to do. A slight distraction on the homepage will make your visitor click on another link, leaving your page. And you lose up on a potential customer!
E. Highlight with Bulleted Points: The essential information about your homepage must be highlighted using bulleted points. Readers prefer to read short bulleted information than long paragraphs. Make wise use of bullets to keep your readers focused.
F. Bold Headings: Use bold headings for your homepage. They are simpler to read and produce better impact on the audience simply because they carry stronger words. Remember to include some action words into your headings.
G. Stick to Similar Expressions: You should stick to the same words, phrases or expressions on your homepage that made your readers click onto that page. Using a different phrase, though carrying the same meaning, may leave your visitors bewildered.
You can consider the above facts in effective content writing for your homepage. Depending on your business, you are free to make a permutation and combination of the nitty-gritty’s of churning out that perfectly written homepage.

Website Content Writing is a Profession Rising out of the Needs of Online Marketing

Website content writing is a recognised profession in this age of Internet communication. With markets literally opening up globally contributed by widespread use of superior communication devices complemented by technology, possibilities of trade and commerce have never been brighter. Avenues of marketing is no longer restricted to print and electronic media but has forayed into digital media in form of online communication. In this age it is important to stay connected through web pages, web sites, and networking media to venture into unknown markets. Web pages with effective SEO content writing is one way of reaching out to unknown territories.

Business houses, multinational corporations, and even government departments are trying out alternative means of staying connected to their target audience. The first step in this direction is to have a dedicated web site with optimized content. This could only be done through effective SEO content writing. Companies offering this services hire trained website content writers and SEO content writers for effective webpage writing. These writers are adept at creating web pages that are ranked towards the top.

In this era of global competition there are numerous manufacturers, suppliers, and marketers for a particular product or service. It might be assumed that each one of these manufacturers, suppliers and marketers for a particular commodity has their own web page or web site. Visitors looking for any specific service or product browse through different websites for the desired item. Now, it is common human psychology to visit first five or ten websites pertaining to a definitive commodity. Search engines arrange these websites according to certain parameters which are known to content writing services providers. One of the vital parameters is SEO content writing.

Website content writing with a watchful eye for creating search engine optimized pages is the initial step for making your web page search engine friendly. Use of appropriate
‘keywords’ and ‘key phrases’, introduction of bullet points, and unique content are certain vital features of effective services. Plagiarized content is never entertained by search engines, and owners of plagiarized sites could be blacklisted. Thus to have web pages that are authentic, search engine optimized, and readable it is essential to engage professional content writers and search engine optimizers.

Website content writing is an opportunity rising out of the needs of online marketing. It must be remembered that to stay ahead on this age of cut throat competition you must reach out to as many end users as possible. This is the corner-stone of online marketing and needs to be understood well. Unless your page is ranked near the top of a search there is less possibility of your web site getting visited and you getting high response. Browser traffic must be very high to generate sufficient online business. This could only be ensured by tactful content writing and effective search engine optimization.