What Web Content Writers Know That You May Not – And Why It Matters

For the most part, web content writers know a bit more about how search engines work than the average business owner who decides to write his/her own website pages, articles and other content. Everyone today who is successful online knows that great content is a huge factor in that success. Today, having the same rehashed content that is on every other website, blog or article simply will not work. You have to be original and refreshing!

So, what is it that many web content writing services know that you do not?

First of all, keyword density is NOT all that matters. For years, it was a “rule” that you must use your keyword phrase in your pages at a density of 3%, 5%, whatever percentage the so-called “expert” of the moment recommended. In truth, a keyword density of about 1% to 2% works best. Too much, and the search engines consider your content spam – and may ban your site from the listings.

The importance of LSI (Latent Symantic Indexing). While the phrase sounds a bit scientific and intimidating, it’s actually not at all. Latent Symantic Indexing simply relates to the entire context of your content – how other keywords and phrases relate to your primary keywords. For example, suppose you are looking for a Blackberry phone, so you enter “Blackberry” into your search engine of choice. The results you get may include blackberry, the fruit – which is not what you were searching for at all. Other words that are used within your content, such as devices, handsets, models and so on let the search engines know which type of “Blackberry” you are looking for.

Write for the reader instead of the search engines, and you’ll win – every time

Talented web content writers know that when you write with the reader’s enjoyment or fulfillment in mind, keywords fall naturally into the content – so web pages, articles and other content never sounds forced or appears almost undecipherable because of being jammed with keywords. Today, search engines prefer articles, blog posts and web pages that instead of being the same old rehashed information, are fresh and informative for the reader, offering a new perspective.

Now that you know what website content writers know that perhaps you were not aware of, can you write great content for your web pages and articles? You probably can – if you have the time and tenacity. If not, hire a talented SEO web content writer to do the work for you – and watch your success soar!

Tips To Choose Right Content Writers for Web Content Writing

Content writing needs for the web are crucial but are often not served right due to the poor selection of web content writers. Writing for the web is quite different from writing for other mediums like books, newspapers, or magazines. Web is a free medium and large number of users keeps exploring it day and night. While surfing through the web, people come across thousands of websites comprising endless content and information. Generally, web users remain in a hurry while surfing the net due to which they don’t tend to read the whole content piece given on the site. This is why it becomes important that the very first paragraph of any article, blog, or information is written in the most captivating way.

Content is required for the web for many purposes. For example, the website contains content on its main pages that provide information regarding the strategies, history, products, and services of the company. Then content on the web is required for article submissions during the SEO process. Content submitted on web includes writing pieces like articles, blogs, press releases, news pieces, etc. Thus, for suiting different web content requirements, it becomes important that the content writers hired for the purpose should be well-versed with the exact style and technique of web content writing.

A good way to make sure that the content writers you hire solve your business needs, it is preferable to choose the ones that are experienced as well as professionally trained. An experienced web content writer knows the exact way of putting up an engaging writing piece. Generally for a captivating web writing piece, the article should have shorter sentences, words, and paragraphs that all belong to one idea. Moreover, the content included in it should be concise and written in inverted pyramid style. Only simple words should be included in any web content piece so that web user of any background can understand it.

Many companies provide web content writing services that come with the guarantee of user’s attention. These companies possess a team of reliable, professional, and experienced content writers that prove out to be a leading edge for their clients. Their talent associated with web content writing provides the much wanted credibility and success to their clients. To make sure that you hire the most competent web content writing firm, do check on the past records and performances of that firm along with the quality of their content writers.

Content Writers: How to Make Clients Fall in Love with Your Writing Before You’ve Even Met

How many times have you been contacted by a prospective client and been asked, in one way or another, “Why should I hire you?”
It’s the question we all dread.
We get all flustered and start babbling about how we provide quality content that will really help them out, and then begin to reel off all the benefits they can expect, churning them out in a frantic attempt to convince them that they need us, want us, and will live to rue the day if they don’t hire us.
There’s a simple reason why this always seems to sound so desperate:
Because every other writer who is worth his or her salt is saying the same thing!
It Doesn’t Need to Be This Way
If you do not want to find yourself rambling to potential clients each and every day about how you are the best writer in town, start to prove it to them long before they ever get around to asking the question.
And you do that through preselling.
And it’s very, very easy.
Preselling is…
… showing your clients what results they can expect so that they don’t have to ask you;
… convincing them of your writing skills, intelligence, wit and wisdom without having to tell them as much;
… proving to clients that not only will they get their money’s worth when they hire you, but that they would be mad to pass up the opportunity.
Avoid Playing the Numbers Game
Too often, freelance writing becomes a numbers game. Instead of focusing on the results that you can help potential clients to achieve, you find that all that clients seem to care about is:
– the amount that you cost
– the amount of words you will write
– the time it will take you
– the number of revisions you will do
But the reason that they are asking about these things, and judging your abilities by them, is because these are what you are promoting about your service.
And because these stats are so easy for other writers to compete on, you end up fighting for last place just to win the work.
And this, incidentally, is why writers so often complain about low rates, not enough jobs, and too much competition.
How to Presell Your Services
As I’ve mentioned already, its really very easy to presell your services. Here are a few of the ways that tend to work rather well:
1. Blog
Don’t just blog for the sake of it, or because it looks nice, or because it might just help you to get on the good side of the search engines.
Do it to presell your services, with every single post that you write.
Make it really count. Spent lots of time perfecting your posts so that when clients visit your website they are seeing your best stuff.
Remember, it’s not just what you say but the way you say it, and if they can see that you write to a very high standard then they will know that they can expect the same or better when they hand over their money for your words of wisdom.
You don’t need to remind them with every post what the benefits are of hiring your services or how you can help them. The sheer quality of your writing is enough to do the work for you.
2. Sow the Seeds of Your Content Far and Wide
Visibility builds its own authority, especially when everything that a client finds about you when reading newsletters, searching search engines, and checking out top industry blogs makes them salivate at the prospect of hiring you to write for them.
Guest posting and article syndication are excellent ways to extend your reach. But don’t think of either of them simply as ways to appear in as many places as possible.
Use your very best stuff.
Spend longer writing a guest post than you would spend on one of your own blogs. Write articles for syndication which will blow all the other miserable articles out of the water. As you already know, this leads to more comments, more links, and more attention. And not only will your work show up in more places, but it will be the kind of work which attracts attention from clients looking for the best writers.
3. Write an Outstanding Free Report
Spend a few days or weeks putting together a free report. Format it properly. Triple check it for mistakes, then get someone else to go over it. Add a few images. Check it again.
Above all, make sure it is interesting and provides information which people will want to know.
Then put it up on your website in a prominent place and allow visitors to download it. Don’t ask for anything for it: you are not trying to get people onto a marketing list here. Make it very easy to download, and clarify that they have free giveaway writes to send it on to anyone else as long as it stays intact. Then:
– Put it up on free document sharing sites like Scribd.com
– Add a link to your email signature to download it
– Link to it from your marketing articles as well as to your website
– Add a link at the end of each blog post and guest post you write
Then write another one and do the same.
Clients who read this won’t just find answers to their questions about hiring a writer, how it can help, etc, etc, but they will find the answer to the main question which they are asking:
“Why should I hire this writer?”
Make Your Content Do the Talking
Seeing excellently crafted content written by you in your own blog, free reports, top websites, newsletters, and highly rated industry blogs is worth a thousand times more than trying to convince clients to hire you because you offer good rates, quality, fast deadlines, etc.
So make your content do the talking, and ensure that by the time clients come to you with a question, it won’t be “Why should I hire you?” but “When can you start and how much do you want?”