Role of Web Content Writers

In the world of online marketing and advertising, web content writers play a very important role. These writers provide quality information to the web customers about the different types of services and goods offered by companies. They follow a certain pattern of writing style, which is much dissimilar than what’s written under journalistic parlance. Writing for Ecommerce websites is not the same thing altogether. The style of writing is to the point and much simple.

Website content writers need to be proficient in different fields like SEO writing, SEO copywriting, press releases, blog writing, e books, website writing, sale documents and e catalogs. Each of these writings is written in a different manner, keeping in mind the specific sense and the targeted audience.

In article writing, the content writers write about a certain keyword or topic whether its an individual, product or an event. These professional writers always follow certain tips while writing the content. They always keep in mind to do the research well, write short, simple and crisp sentences and keep the content original keeping in mind the keywords.

The web content writers also write reviews on a particular product or service. This helps the interested buyers to get necessary details about that specific product. Some of the important copywriting features, which are surely not missed by the professional content writing services are bulleted listings, catchy and meaningful headings and sub-headings, hyper links and highlighted texts and last but not the least simple and presentable content.

Whatever the type of writing, the writers at content writing firm always make it a point to make the content keyword rich and write the content in a manner so that visitors get attracted to the website. These writers can help out businesses to divert increasing traffic towards their sites.

If you want to get the best content writing services in India, then hire a professional content writing company for your website.

Writing SEO Content – And Why Most Content Writers Get It All Wrong

Writing SEO content is not rocket science, and while it is true that not everyone was cut out to be a writer, those who do have often read so many rules for search engine optimized content that they really have no idea how to go about providing exceptional content in articles, website pages, blog posts, etc. Unfortunately, many content writers who provide their writing services to online businesses “stuff” their meaningless articles with keywords, providing the reader not only with gibberish, but content that is absolutely useless in terms of value and information. This is all wrong!!

What is effective SEO content writing?

When as SEO writer can write about a topic in a way that is informative and entertaining without consciously thinking about whether they have “met their quota” and placed 10 keywords within 100 words of content, that is quite an accomplishment. You will read all over the internet the various opinions of so-called “experts,” claiming that keyword density should be 2%, 5%, even 10% – which in my opinion is totally ridiculous – and makes the content totally unreadable.

Why do most SEO content writers get it all wrong?

Because instead of concentrating on great content that the reader will find informative and beneficial, they focus on jamming a single keyword or phrase, such as “training a dog to sit” into the content at every opportunity. What works better? Using what is known as LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, which simply means including a second layer of relevant keywords in your content. So, instead of stuffing “training a dog to sit” into a 500 word article 15 times, it is more effective to include the main keyword phrase a few times, along with other related terms such as “teaching a dog to sit,” “how to train my dog to sit,” etc.

In writing in a more natural way where the writer is not forced to constantly think about keyword density, the content flows more naturally – and you will find that often, writing in a natural way allows the relevant keywords to flow in naturally, too, as if they were meant to be there and without much effort. Search engines prefer content that is valuable, informative and written in a way that attracts the reader; you can be sure that you will have far more readers as well when your content isn’t stuffed with keywords that make it read as if it is some type of secret code. Is your content writer still in the dark ages? It could be costing you readership, leads – and sales!

What Web Content Writers Know That You May Not – And Why It Matters

For the most part, web content writers know a bit more about how search engines work than the average business owner who decides to write his/her own website pages, articles and other content. Everyone today who is successful online knows that great content is a huge factor in that success. Today, having the same rehashed content that is on every other website, blog or article simply will not work. You have to be original and refreshing!

So, what is it that many web content writing services know that you do not?

First of all, keyword density is NOT all that matters. For years, it was a “rule” that you must use your keyword phrase in your pages at a density of 3%, 5%, whatever percentage the so-called “expert” of the moment recommended. In truth, a keyword density of about 1% to 2% works best. Too much, and the search engines consider your content spam – and may ban your site from the listings.

The importance of LSI (Latent Symantic Indexing). While the phrase sounds a bit scientific and intimidating, it’s actually not at all. Latent Symantic Indexing simply relates to the entire context of your content – how other keywords and phrases relate to your primary keywords. For example, suppose you are looking for a Blackberry phone, so you enter “Blackberry” into your search engine of choice. The results you get may include blackberry, the fruit – which is not what you were searching for at all. Other words that are used within your content, such as devices, handsets, models and so on let the search engines know which type of “Blackberry” you are looking for.

Write for the reader instead of the search engines, and you’ll win – every time

Talented web content writers know that when you write with the reader’s enjoyment or fulfillment in mind, keywords fall naturally into the content – so web pages, articles and other content never sounds forced or appears almost undecipherable because of being jammed with keywords. Today, search engines prefer articles, blog posts and web pages that instead of being the same old rehashed information, are fresh and informative for the reader, offering a new perspective.

Now that you know what website content writers know that perhaps you were not aware of, can you write great content for your web pages and articles? You probably can – if you have the time and tenacity. If not, hire a talented SEO web content writer to do the work for you – and watch your success soar!