How to Tell a Good Article Writer From a Bad One

If you want to promote your website through article distribution you will find that there are many writers out there who claim to be article writers. Some of them are good at this job and can help you out when it comes to promoting your website. Others are not serious about their work or are simply not good writers. How do you tell a good article writer from a bad one? Take these tips:

1. Look for samples of the work of the Article writer. Look for more than one sample to make sure they are in the same style. Good article writers have copies of their work and may even have a website where their articles and other writing is displayed. Before hiring any writer, get samples.

2. Ask the writer to write you a few words that pertain to your website. This will give you an idea if the article writer understands your website or is willing to research it and learn. This also eliminates any article writers who may be using samples of work that does not belong to them to land jobs.

3. Start out with a small project with a reasonable deadline. It is imperative for an article writer to be able to meet a deadline. Those that are not good writers may simply neglect the deadline or just forget about the job altogether. You need article writers that are not only good writers, but reliable as well. Bad writers will ignore deadlines and may even skip out on the job, wasting your time.

Those are the three big differences between good article writers and bad ones. Good will be able to meet deadlines, able to construct an informational article that is in tune with what you want and be willing to research your website. Bad writers will not take pride in their work, will not take deadlines seriously and may even abandon the job.

You need good article writers if you want to use article distribution to promote your online business. You can find them on freelancing sites as well as though services that employ writers. Knowing how to determine the good writers from the bad is important as a bad writer can waste a great deal of your time and may even cost you money. Look for an article writer who can not only write interesting copy, but also one who is willing to do the research and meet the deadlines you set.