Writing Articles – As a Cheap Online Marketing Technique

By using Overture, a keyword proposal tool, you will definitely come accross millions of searches done to a specific keyword. Once these keywords are typed on search boxes of search engines, indexed websites having articles with those keywords will be shown. And this is what drives traffic to websites with keyword-rich articles.

Content is king. You can as well repeat ihat again. That is why writing articles is the individual most used online promotion techniques today. Internet browsers just cannot obtain a sufficient amount of information on various fields. Moreover, providing detailed information through your articles is a great way to drive hot and targeted visitors to your web site. Why is this so? Here are the profit that writing articles can grant your online business.

1. It is definitely free.

Too delightful to be true? Not. Okay, you have to pay for your online Service Provider. That is it. All you require is your belief, your computer, and your hands. If you are blessed with those, definitely, nothing will stop you from typing and churning out quality articles for your website. On which aspect of that technique did you really shell out any cent? Maybe later when your electric bills come.

2. Your website will be noticed as soon as possible.

Submit that article of yours to article directories that pick up the most web traffic and within the shortest period of time, your web site will be crawled by search engines. That is if you do not overlook including your resource box or byline.

3. Get back links without human intervention.

However, after submitting to articles directories, surely, other website owners will make use of your article too. With the copyright provisions of your articles, the URL of your website will still be in tact and will subsequently lead additional traffic to your website.

4. Build a great reputation.

As an online marketer, if you plainly present your products on your website, you will not secure much conversion rate. Conversion is when your traffic turns to sales. You have to show that you are excellent on your field. And what better way to show that than by writing quality articles that gives you an edge over other writers.

Clearly make your creative juices flow and jot down or register in those ideas quickly to jumpstart your article writing momentum. With the above benefits, you will definitely have no problem writing articles for your web site or blog.

Tips on Writing Articles for Easy Reading

When writing articles you want to be respectful of your readers’ time. Like yourself they also have ‘things to do’ and usually not enough time to do them. Reading articles does however take time therefore authors must be more appreciative and respectful of this fact. The last thing any author needs to do when they write an article is to make it challenging to understand or longer than it needs to be.

Here are 3 things every article author should strive to achieve in order to make their body of work easy to read for others online,

Explain Why Point Needs to Be Made

At the outset of the article state the point to be made and why it is necessary to even make it. This gives people a ‘preview’ of what the article is about and allows them to decide if they want to read further.

Keep Sentences Short and to the Point

When you write an article make an effort to break up long sentences into shorter ones whenever possible. It is easier on the eyes and also makes it easier to understand the point being made. If a sentence carries multiple ‘points’ it makes it difficult for readers to understand all of them when jammed together in one sentence.

Along these same lines it is also helpful to keep paragraphs short. Large blocks of text can intimidate or dissuade people from reading articles.

Avoid Comparisons/Stories If Not Necessary

Many times people will use comparisons or short stories to simply add ‘volume’ to their articles: Do not do this if it is not necessary! If something adds little or no value to the content than leave it out. There is no reason to use 500 words to say something that can be said in 300 words. By being concise it is less work for the article author and also makes the content easy to read.

When you are writing articles it is important to remember that others are taking time out of their own busy schedules to read what you wrote. Since reading articles does take time authors need to be more appreciative and respectful of this fact. Every effort should be made when you write an article to make it as concise and understandable as possible. The three things any article author wants to target to make their body of work easy to read are mentioned above. By paying closer attention to these areas of anything you compose for casual reading others will better enjoy your efforts. This will most likely result in you attracting a much larger audience to view what you wrote.

How to Write Articles That Create a Stir

One way to learn how to write articles the reader will likely remember is to intentionally go against the grain. Most people want to author popular articles therefore they attempt to take the most popular stance or write about the most popular topics. This approach can actually ‘backfire’ since the most interesting articles are the ones that tend to stand out form the crowd. As an author you need to remember when writing articles you are NOT running for political office and therefore trying to blend in but rather you are trying to get noticed.

Here are 3 approaches you can use to help you author interesting content that will give the reader something to think about and remember.

Avoid ‘Main Stream’ Topics

They have already been covered (probably to death) and less likely to draw reader’s attention. Now of course if the topic is controversial you could add a little of your own unique ‘sizzle’ to it …

When you write an article that do not focus on common or ‘worn out’ topics you are presenting information or opinions that readers have not seen before. You have now captured their attention based on the originality of your choice of topic. By doing this it is more likely someone will open and read what you wrote.

Take Opposite Point of View

Do this deliberately! Do not be afraid to go ‘against the grain’ when covering issues or topics. This may draw the ire of some readers but it WILL draw their attention.

Here again you want to stand out and by taking a different approach in your writing you will succeed in doing that.

Speak Your Mind

Feel comfortable with saying what you feel and avoid ‘hedging’ in order to not offend. Make your point and/or opinion clearly since this will likely stir a reaction be it good or bad. You want to get the reader involved! If nothing more they will find your opinions interesting but only if you make valid points.

One of the best ways to learn how to write articles that stand out in the readers mind is to go against popular opinion. People find that the most interesting articles are those that present a view most others have not adopted. If the points made in an article like this are valid it is likely to become one of the more popular articles since it stands out from the others. The 3 approaches we discussed above are guidelines for writing articles that adopt an opposite point of view. When taking a stance that is counter to what is commonly ‘accepted’ your article is more likely to leave a greater impression with readers.