The Need for Article Writing Services

Article writing services are gaining momentum as their usefulness is become more evident with increased internet connectivity. Competition is getting stiffer in all industries mainly due to globalization where domestic companies face fierce competition from international firms who due to economies of scale can offer similar products at lower prices to the domestic market.

The key to survival for any business therefore is to steadily increase its customer base. One way for achieving this is to reach the target customers online using informative articles. This is also the most cost effective way to increase one’s customer base.

The provision of article writing services comprises giving a brief of the client’s needs to a project manager who then helps to further develop the client’s content requirements when and if deemed necessary. A professional and seasoned writer is assigned to research extensively on the topic at hand. The writer then proceeds to write a succinct, focused, clear, complete and interesting article for online publishing. This frees up valuable time for the employees in the client’s company charged with the task of online article writing as this whole process could consume a lot of time for a person whose specialty is not writing.

These services ensure that fresh and unique articles are made available on a company’s website on demand and this effectively serves the information needs of current client. This helps the client through the increased web traffic and sales. These articles are well researched and provide relevant information in a condensed, user friendly manner which is highly valued by browsers who more often than not skim through articles.

Loyalty to the company is created due to the professional prestige the articles help to enhance and their ability to keep readers interested. An organization that skillfully and strategically subscribes for article writing services from a reliable content provider can never go wrong. You can find very good article writing services online. However, you have to do your due diligence and make sure that you learn a little bit more about the writing service. You need to find out if they have good reviews and look at their samples to determine if they can produce good articles.

Reputable writers know that they will make a good income by providing quality services. They thus make sure that they distinguish themselves from the rest in the writing industry. They position themselves strategically so that it is not too difficult to find them and are very careful to protect their reputation. If you go looking for writers in some cheap writing freelance websites, you will not find decent article writing services there.

Because of the need for article writing services, many people have entered into the writing industry. Some freelances are however without a conscience and will sell duplicate content to clients. They do this by using web scrapping software or will simply plagiarize content. When your website contains plagiarism, it is likely that you will not be found online. This is because plagiarized content will always be uncovered. Despite the constant need for article writing services and an increase in online firms offering the services, never be desperate to go for any as this might compromise your business and is harmful in the long run.

An Article Tutorial

You are here to get exposure for your site. Right? Well, lets see if I can help you with that.

Step 1

Write an article about the subject of your site or product. Simple, right? Well, it can be simple but the trick to it is that you really don’t want to seem like you are making a sales pitch. Surfers are looking for useful content, not spam. So write your article so that your reader is learning something that you are knowledgeable about.

Step 2

Write a good biography that will compel the surfer to click on your link to learn more about your subject. Again, this doesn’t need to be all hyped up either. To the contrary, a simple “Hey, this is my site, please scope it out to find out more” with a link will do. This is where the simpler, the better is the rule in my humble opinion.

Step 3

Submit it to every ezine directory you can find. There are some services that will send your article to hundreds of ezine sites for a small amount of cash like Article Trader.

Step 4

After your article has been submitted to all these sites, do a search for your particular site on Google and Yahoo by placing the article title in quotes like this: “my site article for all to see”. Look at all the different sites carrying your article on the first page. These are called the Prime Results. You’ll need to place the URL to these results on your page on your site that has the same article. This makes for great backlinking.

How To Write An Article – 5 Types

Most people who gets into article marketing are facing the same problem, they don’t know where to start. If you are reading this article you are probably in that situation, and you must be wondering “how to write an article that will keep the readers reading?” the answer is by choosing the right type of article for your targeted audience. In this article I will introduce to you 6 different types of articles, so let’s take a look.

1- Tips Article

The tips Article is without a doubt, one of the most popular type of article, it provides the reader with useful information on a particular topic. Like tips to learn to play guitar easily or tips lose weight naturally. This type of article is usually formated either in a numbered list, or a bulleted list, and the title usually includes the number of tips given in the article.

2- Story Article

The story article, as its name says, tells a story that may or may not be the writer’s personal experience. It may be fiction or it may be true, but most of the time it will be about somebody else. The important thing is to keep the reader reading and not to know who the story is about.

3- Personal Experience Article

The personal experience article is very similar to the story article, because it tells a story but this time, it is the writer’s own experience related to his niche. For example, if your niche is weight loss and your article title is “how I lost 30 pounds in two months”, all you have to do is tell the reader your story about how you successfully lost 30 pounds in two months.

4- Fact Article

The fact article is an informative article, that affirm something, based on proven facts. for example, “What the sun does to your skin” Would be a fact article, because you can easily provide proof from researches made by dermatologists.

5- Recommendation Article

Since the recommendation article is often used to promote a product, you must be careful when using it, because the content of the article must still be informative. For example, if you are recommending weight loss capsules, the readers must not feel that you are trying to sell them something.

Remember, it is not the article that sells it’s the author’s bio box. The article’s main purpose is to inform. For example, you might discuss a problem of stomach ache with such weight loss capsules and use your own experience as a fact to show that these particular capsules doesn’t cause the stomach ache that others do.

It’s important to wisely choose the type of article to you write, while a list article like the tips article can be easier to write, it may not be appropriate to all situations like weight loss, where emotional triggers are needed. I hope it makes things clearer about how to write an article for your targeted audience.