Ensuring Time Economy in Article Rewriting

You may be one of the most qualitative writer or rewriter on the web but if you do not have the capability of delivering the products fast you have little chance of succeeding in your online career. Ensuring time economy in article rewriting is therefore very important for any writer.

Factors Involved in Ensuring Time Economy in Article Rewriting

However, the million dollar question for you is how to ensure the time economy you require to succeed as an online writer or rewriter.

Since article marketing is considered to be very effective in getting valuable back links and thereby ensure search engine optimization effectively, writers are in high demand these days;
However, such article marketing can not be accomplished with duplicated contents because Google and others would be harsh on the website that would display duplicate contents; and
Even when it is just rewriting articles, the writer has to maintain originality.
Deriving the Skills for Good Article Rewriting and Delivery

For good article or web content rewriting you need skill and that can be derived by hard work and regular practice. It all depends on the mindset of the writer. More the writer reads and researches the more refined his writing and rewriting would be. Accumulation of knowledge is the first basic step towards establishment of adequate expertise and making the rewriting process fruitful.

Pre-Planning is Essential for Successful Article Rewriting

For successful article rewriting it is also essential to have well designed plans. Some of the factors that are required to be looked upon and decided are –

Length as well as structure of rewritten article;
Study the problem dealt in original article and add the consequences in the rewrite that will make the rewrite different;
At the same time the benefits of applying the solution suggested may also be added in the rewritten article; and
List out the solutions; preferably in order of their effectiveness and summarize key theme of the rewritten article with emphasis on problem resolution.
Surpassing the Length and Using the Synonyms

It will be good in rewriting articles to surpass the length of the original articles and also to use synonyms for oft repeated words to avoid duplication. However, an important factor to be remembered is that while plagiarism or duplication relates to the use of contents and words, it will not include taking ideas from others. If in rewriting process you take ideas from others and then inflate the same in your own language and style, it will never be considered as plagiarism.

Bottom line of all these is that you can always write original contents even when you are rewriting articles or web contents and the more you research the more are chances of your coming up with unique rewrites. Most important of all; in the process of article rewriting you are not starting from the scratch and it is much easier in comparison to writing the original article starting from scratch.

Policies and Practices of Article Rewriting and Writing Services

If as the website owner you are considering rewriting articles or as a writer you are trying to enroll with some reputed article writing and rewriting agency; it will be necessary for you to have a close look at the policies and practices followed by these services.

Choosing Carefully is Necessary as Policies Vary Widely

Each of the article writing services that are afloat on the web follows certain principles and policies. However, there is no uniformity in this respect and the policies vary widely with difference of agencies.

Both revision and guarantees vary greatly from organization to organization;
Most of the agencies do not offer liberal policies for article rewriting;
There is no dearth of unscrupulous clients in the market who would ask for repeated revisions or after getting the contents will walk away without any further intimation.
Rewriter or writer of the article has to take care of not walking into such scam.
Inherent Problems of Online Article Rewriting and Writing

Inherent problems of article rewriting or writing online are that once written, it cannot be undone. You have no scope of taking back the article even when such articles are copy righted. Value of the customer will be ensured when the article writing service gives priority to the requirements of the customer irrespective of the revisions requested by such customer. On the other hand there are many writers who would look for such companies that would have some regulations on demands for rewriting by the customers.

Having a Look at the Revision and Editing Practices

Having a look at revision as well as editing practices of the top article writing services could help immensely in understanding the practices that are prevalent in the market. But what these companies guarantee? Let us have a look at that.

First thing that these companies will guarantee is that they will try to convince the buyer that their article rewriting or writing is 100% original;
They will also guarantee rewriting web contents or articles free of grammatical and spelling errors;
Unfortunately, most of them do not give any guarantee about the formatting, syntax, choice of words, and such other issues.
Divergent Policies Relating to Editing and Revision

Invariably the companies concerned use different policies for editing and revision. Some of the companies allow their client time up to 48 hours to edit the documents and that too only one revision. It is the best from the point of the writers taking up the task of rewriting articles.

Policy of No Refund Pursued by Some Companies

There are also companies who won’t allow any refund to the client once the fresh article writing or article rewriting has started and only gives scope for repair of any errors that occur if identified. Such companies are good for the writers. However, companies that assure the clients that they will do anything to bring the article to acceptable standard including rewriting articles may not be as good for the prospective writers as they are for clients.

Some others even do not mention about any revision. While buyers have the ethical rights of getting reasonable revisions, writers while writing or rewriting articles also have the ethical rights of not to be taken for a ride and harassed. At the end of it the services offers reasonable blend of both is the best choice.

Article Rewriting — Legal Aspects of Rewriting and Copyright Issues

One of the questions that always crop up in case of article rewriting is whether such rewriting is infringement of copyright and violation of existing law of the land. While the question is difficult answering, it requires verification of a few important aspects.

Aspects for Consideration in Case of Rewriting Articles

Some of the aspects that require consideration in case of rewriting articles are as follows.

To decide whether there has been any copyright infringement one has to consider how the article was written;
At the same time one has to look at the objective of article rewriting in such case; and
One has to consider the ethical aspects as well.
Rewriting Contents of Others and Using as Web Content

One of the widely followed practices these days is complete rewriting of the contents of some other writer and using the same as web content. At times the writer also resorts to rewriting web content. While it is not technically or legally wrong the unethical nature of such practice cannot be overlooked.

Issue of Rewriting is Highly Controversial These Days

Issues relating to article rewriting are very controversial in these days. One of the reasons is the opposition by original writers finding their hard work going down the rewrite drain which is really frustrating experience for them. An article that was written by the writer after hours of research and efforts could be rewritten by another within a minute, suitably changing the contents and this could be very frustrating for the original writer.

Something That is Not Legally Wrong May Not Be Ethically Right

Rewriting may not be a legal fault but it could be ethically wrong.

Thousands of websites on Internet are there and they deal with the identical topics, products, or services.
For instance; there are numerous sites dealing with health and fitness issues like weight loss. Contents on many of these sites will look similar but in reality they are not.
Even when there are some contents that are results of article rewriting it cannot be proved. And unless they are proved to be copied there can be no question of copyright infringement.
Google Strictness on Use of Copied Contents On The Web

Google is very strict with sites offering copied items on the web. However, It has its own unique way of evaluation of copied contents. Even if the contents match word by word it will look at the history of the sites concerned and the one which is the oldest and normally have the largest viewer following will be considered by them as original and others who have come latter will be considered copied.

However, there is one danger in it as well. If it is the older site that has actually copied the content from the newer site, then the newer one would be undue sufferer and that once again will be unethical. Despite rewriting article resorted to by the older site, the younger site will end up losing indexing by Google. Best way out is resorting to an experienced and professional article rewriting service and work under its guidance to avoid any type of copyright infringement.