Article Marketing: Long or Short Articles – Which Is Better

Most online professionals know that article marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a product/service. However, when marketing with articles, which is better, long or short articles?

Most experts say that articles should be between 400-600 words, give or take 50 on either side. However, in general, I disagree. Why? For the following three reasons:

NOTE: There are times when shorter pieces — eg, Tip of the Day, Just an FYI, an editorial/opinion piece — are justified.

1. Not Enough Detail: Many articles are written to sell something. So, a business owner may pay someone to write a general article on their topic to drive traffic to their site. This is fine, but as a reader, when I’m searching for information, I usually want details that go beyond what a general article will dispense.

It’s frustrating to just get the tip of the iceberg – ie, information I may already know – and not get the meat of a subject.

This is a big turn-off for me. And when I visit a site, if it’s filled with a lot of these what I’ve deemed “common sense pieces,” with no “meat” information, I conclude that the site owner is more interested in selling me a product/service than educating me on a particular subject.

Education leads to knowledge which leads to trust, which THEN leads to SALES. If more online sellers would realize this, they’d do better.

2. No Expertise: Many articles are obviously written (or commissioned) by those with little or no experience on/in/with the subject written about. Most of the information found in the majority of articles can be Googled and found via official sources.

I don’t know about most surfers, but when I look for information, I want the personal experience – how you did it, what worked for you, what didn’t work – and why? This is the real benefit of the Internet. It allows a true exchange of first-hand information.

When you’ve used a product, built a business, found an effective technique – and can back it up with a personal story (eg, this is what happened when I did “x”), it gives sooooo much more validity than just spouting off what can easily be found via official sources.

And again, this leads to knowledge, which leads to trust, which THEN leads to SALES. Why? Because people get the feeling that you know what the heck you’re talking about.

INSIGHT: I particularly like personal stories that detail what didn’t work so well? Why? Two reasons: a) It saves me from making the same mistake; and 2) allows me to brainstorm about how to do it better. It also lends an air of truth (hence, validity) to whatever sales pitch you’re making.

This leads to my final point – failure.

3. Don’t Tell Me What To Do, Tell Me What NOT to Do: Many articles begin with “How To.” And, this is fine most of the time. But, also take the time (eg, expand the word count) to tell me what NOT to do.

To digress a minute, I don’t know how/when we became a nation of people afraid to admit failure, but that’s almost the first lesson of success. It takes failure to get to success.

I’ve failed at so many things (especially businesses) that I just have to laugh as I look over the list (yes, I keep one). But you know what, I wouldn’t know half of what I know now if I hadn’t failed so often.

When you gain knowledge via failure – you’ve earned it – that’s like money in the bank. You can move forward confidently because you know what, for sure, DOESN’T work.

Why “Failure” Increases Sales

When a writer drones on and on about this, that and the other, I’m searching for the grain of truth, for the human element of failure. Admitting to failure does three things:

a) It tells me that you’re passionate about your product/service: When you’re persistent enough to keep trying something after failing at it – you’re either just plain crazy, or passionate about it. This passion will always be translated to your end user — you just have to trust me on that.

b) It tells me that you’re human: Part of connecting with a customer is making them feel like you understand their situation.

If you excel at everything you try – well, I just can’t relate to a person like that. If I can’t relate to you, you’re going to have a harder time selling to me. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it just means you’ll have to work that much harder.

c) It tells me that you care: When you fail – and put it out there for the world to dissect – it tells me you care enough about me, the consumer, to want me to avoid the same mistakes. And you know what, I’ll like you for that, trust you for that and BUY FROM YOU because of that.

Sincerity can be sensed and if you have page after page of obviously canned material on your site, re-evaluate why you are really in business.

What are the Primary Strategies of Article Marketing

Writing and Promoting Articles to Generate Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

One of the widely popular uses of article marketing is that of creating multiple backlinks which the search engines can use to estimate the popularity of a website. The theory is this: if one website has more webpages from other websites linking in to it than another website, it must have a greater ‘popularity’ than the other websites. Some search engine formulas are purported to use this concept as one of their main ranking criteria, so a popular form of search engine optimization and promotion is that of creating backlinks. Obviously those backlinks can be created through a number of methods, including website submission to web directories, link exchanges, link purchases, and simply asking webmasters to link to one’s website.

However, writing articles, including a link to your website, and submitting that website to multiple article directories can create a massive number of backlinks that are relatively inexpensive (only your time if you do all the work yourself) and do not involve swapping links or otherwise personally asking for favors or reciprocity.

Writing and Promoting Articles to Create Direct Traffic to Website or Squeeze Page

Traffic generation is one of the key foundational activities in building and maintaining a strong internet business. Without adequate, quality traffic, you simply cannot succeed online. There is no other way around it.

There are four main methods by which article writing creates phenomenally awesome traffic:

1) When the articles are posted on article directory web sites and are read by members of the web sites or by surfers that happen on the web sites.

2) When the articles are picked up by other web sites who need content for their web sites, and choose to use your articles for their content.

3) When ezine publishers choose to use your articles in the publication of their ezine, again, because they need the content.

4) When the search engines notice the high volume of back links to your own web site when you submit high volumes of articles to multiple article directories.

All four of those methods create some of the very highest forms of traffic in terms of quality.

You see, visitors who come to your web site as a result of any of the four above-mentioned reasons, are already prequalified as to having an interest in the topic, liking your personal style of writing, and having a desire to know more about your particular business, offerings, or products.

This means that they are a far stronger form of traffic than classified ads, where the visitor only takes a few seconds, if that to make a decision to visit your web page, or pay-per-click advertising, which has a similar scenario to classified advertising, or any form of purchased traffic such as expired domain or exit traffic, pop-ups, pop-unders, etc., or any other form of purchased email traffic such as safelists, coregistration traffic, etc.

Great Article Marketing – 4 Excellent Tips To Get More From Your Articles

There are so many internet tools that you can use in promoting your website and your products online. However, if you are looking for something that will effectively help you drive quality traffic to your website and improve your page ranking at the same time without shelling out a single dime, I would highly recommend article marketing.

This is a simple process of distributing your articles to publishing sites.

Here’s how you can breakthrough with article marketing:

1. Power up your titles. In order to succeed in this marketing tool, you need to make sure that you can get online users to open and read your articles through your titles.

How to do that? The answer to this is very simple; just like movie trailers, your titles must be compelling, punchy, descriptive, and attention-grabbing.

2. K.I.S.S. By this, I simply mean keep your articles short and simple. Why? You need to remember that you are serving people who have diverse languages and cultural backgrounds.

Some of them don’t even speak English. You’ll stand great chances of getting your message across if you use terms that are easy to understand.

You also need to keep your articles short as your audience is known to have a very short attention span. Strive to share your knowledge in 500 words. If these are not enough, I recommend that you create short sequels for your articles.

3. Choose your topics wisely. Your ultimate goal in distributing your articles is to improve your sales and revenue. That can only happen if you are able to attract quality traffic to your website.

You can grab the attention of your prospects by writing about topics that they will find interesting. You may talk about their most common questions, pressing issues, areas of interest, and the things that they would like to achieve.

Avoid writing topics that are not totally relevant to your chosen niche or to the lives of your readers because these cannot surely help you realize your marketing goals instead, they will just waste your precious time and energy.

4. Volume is the key. I am sure you have heard this before but let me tell you once again. Article marketing is a game of numbers.

If you want to stay on top, you need to make sure that you produce more articles compare to your competitors. You can either do the legwork by yourself and spend at least 8 hours writing your articles or hire ghostwriters who can offer you with quality content for reasonable amount.

Follow these 4 tips and your article writing and article marketing will become more profitable.