3 Things Make the Biggest Difference in Moving Your Writing Forward

As writers, we all want to continuously be moving along in our goals. Think of it as a river. A river constantly flows. There may be places where it looks very calm and barely moving, but if you look close enough, you’ll see a current.

At times, your project feels like it’s a rushing river; other times, it’s trickling along like a small stream.

We have to manage our energy, time, and resources in both places – and everything in between – along the project spectrum. It’s easy to get caught up in your own writing and let it pull you along. The problem with that, though, is that when the torrent is done, you may feel as if you’ve been deserted. And that can lead to self-doubt. “What’s wrong with me? Yesterday, I cranked out 5000 words! Why can’t I write anything today?” And that leads further to “Oh, maybe this is an awful idea, and I should stop.” Or “No one is going to read this. Who the heck do I think I am?”

If we find ourselves in the slow and steady part of the meandering writing river, we may question if we’re ever going to get there. It seems as if everyone else you know is passing you by, full steam ahead.

Here’s the thing… life, business, writing, you name it… is a cycle. We have our high energy states, and that’s followed by a low energy state. We have our low energy states, and that’s followed by a high energy state. What can confuse it even further is when our creative energy doesn’t match our physical energy. Then we’re even more frustrated because we have all these ideas without the physical ability to put them into play. Or, worse in my opinion, plenty of energy and not one creative idea in sight.

What’s the key to managing your writing project, without getting caught up in the negative mind chatter, and keep it sailing along? Three things… Kindness, small steps, and celebrations.

First, recognize that there are cycles. BE in those cycles. Feel the gift that they bring. If you’re moaning that you have all these ideas, but you’re exhausted from a 10-day business trip and can’t possibly write a word, understand that you need rest and rejuvenation. The physical energy will come later. Capture the ideas so that you don’t lose them, and know you’ll come back to them when your physical energy is more in alignment with your creative energy.

Part of that recognition means being kind and understanding – to yourself. Most of us fall down in that area. We have such high expectations of ourselves, and we think we should be writing books, running businesses, raising kids, cooking healthy, gorgeous meals, training for a marathon, going to spinning class, volunteering in the PTA… Um, no.

Imagine that you’re talking to a friend who’s being awfully hard on herself. What would you say to her? Now turn that kindness and compassion inward.

Next, nobody ever writes “Write my book” on their to-do list on Monday and then crosses it off on Friday. It just doesn’t happen. Break down your writing project into as many small steps as you can think of. Your steps should be as concrete as find two competing books, research statistics on fuel usage in New York City from 1950 – 1990, brainstorm chapter titles, write the introduction. Put each step on an index card. Then put the cards in order. Take the top three, and that becomes your current to-do list for this project.

Finally, and this is the important part that almost everyone misses… When you complete one of those action steps, celebrate it. Give yourself a pat on the back. Call your staunchest supporter and crow!!! Cross it off the list with glee. Put a gold star on that index card. Truly let it sink in that you’re making strides in this project.

Following these three steps will keep you moving, and eventually, you’ll get to your destination.

3 Things to Avoid When Writing a Best Man Speech

Writing a best man speech is one of the main roles of the best man and one of the highlights of any wedding ceremony. The best man plays an important role in the entire event as he will be wishing the newlyweds a happy marriage, so if you just got a phone call from a good friend or from a brother or cousin that you are to be the best man at the wedding, start preparing your best man speech. But the process of coming up with a good and interesting speech can take hours, even days, for someone who isn’t into writing or who doesn’t know how to make a speech, so this article is going to give you some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when writing a speech as the best man:

o One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when using a best man speech sample is copying and pasting every single word into your own. Get ideas from these samples and try to twist and turn it to create something totally you.

o Another mistake is not being able to achieve a certain balance when writing the best man’s speech. You’ll notice that in a best man speech sample, there is usually a balance of jokes and funny anecdotes with metaphors, self-reflections, and personal poetry. If you want to appeal to the audience, as well as the newlyweds, balance out the seriousness and the hilarity in your speech.

o Lastly, do not start with a bang and end with a flop. This not only ruins the whole impact of the speech but will definitely turn the audience off about you. Again, use a well-written best man speech sample as your guide.

Thats it! With those steps, you should be well on your way to writing a great speech.

Article Writing Service – 3 Things They Do To Help

Writing is hard; moving forward with the written word on a daily basis is just not easy. If you’re one of those people that aren’t really dedicated to the crafting words together, then it’s important to look into something more, something that will help you move forward. Some people have found a great deal of assistance by hiring an article writing service. These services create writing for those that can’t seem to master the art. There are 3 things that the companies do that is quite important:

    • Unique Content – The main thing that an article writing service does is create unique content when it counts. Whether you need a blog, a site filled, or articles, you’ll find that the service gives you the best options moving forward. No matter what the topic is, no matter what the word count is, you will have a great amount of hope in regards to crafting words.
    • Turnaround – If you order a small amount of articles, in many cases you can get them sent to you, fully written, within a few days. With fast turn around, you will be able to not only make serious money through affiliate marketing, but also generate a buzz that is not going to easily go away for you.
  • SEO – The one branch of search engine optimization that many people miss out on is continually updating their sites. Updating your website is important, because it creates a long lasting reach through all search sites. If you don’t have constant content, you won’t receive targeted traffic, and your site will die.

Social networking sites are a great way to promote your articles, and find people that are utilizing an article writing service. They can attest that getting information scribed for a few pennies is far better than having to wake up and create all new website content for a variety of projects.

Imagine, if you had 3 different sites with 3 different topics and they required a daily update. You would have to write 3 different pieces at around 500 words each, and that is a daily task. Some people don’t start writing for a living, they do it as a hobby or a side project. If your job is NOT attached to working from home or working in a place that allows you a lot of down time, then when are you going to write the content? If you don’t have the time, that’s where these services are most important.

Some of the advantages that you will receive from hiring a positive service will be content turn around. You will not only get new information to post on your sites, you will also be able to generate interest from a variety of other sources. When done properly, writing gets the attention from a lot of different website owners and if your goal is to get paid for your freelance skills, you’ll enjoy the greatness of getting hired without having to focus on your own writing. This is crucial for those that specialize in something other than writing.