Becoming a Writer

Becoming a writer is very exciting! For most writers, the toughest part is deciding what type of writer you’d like to be. A Columnist? Novelist? Greeting Card Writer? Whatever you decide, it’s important to know that if learning about new things on a daily basis excites you, then a career as a writer is for you!

So, the big question is…how to become a writer? Well, there is not an easy answer nor is there only one way to become a writer. The most important thing is to write. Write something…anything, just write.

You see, the word “writer” is a title. Being a writer is work. So, if you think you want to be a writer, ask yourself these questions.

1) Do you really want to be a writer? You know, actually sitting down at the keyboard and putting thoughts to paper?

2) Will you write and re-write until you love what you wrote? Or maybe even until your editor loves it, no matter what?

3) Becoming a writer means you have to see yourself as a writer. Can you see yourself writing for a living?

4) Will you do your best on every job?

5) Are you willing to take some time and research a specialty or niche for yourself? Will you work tirelessly to increase your skills and knowledge of the writing business?

6) Have you declared yourself as a writer?

Most people think you need to be published to be a real writer but that’s just not true! If you write, if you love the act of putting ideas on paper, you are a writer! And if you are a writer, do not let anyone tell you that you aren’t one!

Becoming a writer is a process. Remember, there are many types of writers and you can choose one style or write in many areas. For example, I have written a novel, several non-fiction, how to books and am a freelance copywriter.

My best advice on getting started? Where is your passion? Do you love the short and snappy style of greeting cards? Why not begin to write greeting cards? Are you more of an intellectual? Start by writing scholarships. Maybe magazine writing jobs are what you want, or editing jobs excite you. How about that novel you have been thinking about writing?

Whatever you passion is, that is where you will do your best work and begin the process of putting samples together of your work.

Samples? Yes, when you begin your career as a writer, you will want to start collecting samples. Put your best work in a book so if you are called to do a job, you have a varied selection of your writing to show a perspective client. But don’t use the fact that you don’t have samples of your work to give up your dream of becoming a writer.

Whatever you do now doesn’t really matter; you can be a writer and be read by thousands. You have the power to inform, educate, motivate and entertain. Your words can do all that! So, if it is in your heart and soul to be a writer, you need to follow your dream! A career as a writer can be a very lucrative and enriching experience. I know I wouldn’t trade it for anything!