What Web Content Writers Know That You May Not – And Why It Matters

For the most part, web content writers know a bit more about how search engines work than the average business owner who decides to write his/her own website pages, articles and other content. Everyone today who is successful online knows that great content is a huge factor in that success. Today, having the same rehashed content that is on every other website, blog or article simply will not work. You have to be original and refreshing!

So, what is it that many web content writing services know that you do not?

First of all, keyword density is NOT all that matters. For years, it was a “rule” that you must use your keyword phrase in your pages at a density of 3%, 5%, whatever percentage the so-called “expert” of the moment recommended. In truth, a keyword density of about 1% to 2% works best. Too much, and the search engines consider your content spam – and may ban your site from the listings.

The importance of LSI (Latent Symantic Indexing). While the phrase sounds a bit scientific and intimidating, it’s actually not at all. Latent Symantic Indexing simply relates to the entire context of your content – how other keywords and phrases relate to your primary keywords. For example, suppose you are looking for a Blackberry phone, so you enter “Blackberry” into your search engine of choice. The results you get may include blackberry, the fruit – which is not what you were searching for at all. Other words that are used within your content, such as devices, handsets, models and so on let the search engines know which type of “Blackberry” you are looking for.

Write for the reader instead of the search engines, and you’ll win – every time

Talented web content writers know that when you write with the reader’s enjoyment or fulfillment in mind, keywords fall naturally into the content – so web pages, articles and other content never sounds forced or appears almost undecipherable because of being jammed with keywords. Today, search engines prefer articles, blog posts and web pages that instead of being the same old rehashed information, are fresh and informative for the reader, offering a new perspective.

Now that you know what website content writers know that perhaps you were not aware of, can you write great content for your web pages and articles? You probably can – if you have the time and tenacity. If not, hire a talented SEO web content writer to do the work for you – and watch your success soar!