Freelance Writers – Market Yourself Effectively

Not all of us are born marketers and many professionals find it difficult to let the wider world out there know about the extent of their goods and services. We have been taught in elementary school not to brag or appear as being boastful, but to make it in the world of freelance writing you have to prove to people why you are better than your competitors.

When it comes to self-promotion and self-marketing, you have to consider yourself as a brand, in a fashion similar to MacDonald’s, Nike, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. These brands are instantly recognizable and there is a certain quality and consistent value linked to them. Just imagine yourself as being known as the Coke of the freelance writing world.

On order for you to operate in a similar league, you have to think of yourself as being a winner. The one common attribute of winners, is that they usually focus first on their accomplishments and by not giving up easily. As a writer, you need to have something specific and noticeable to say about yourself, which clearly differentiates you from the rest. This is what will make prospective employers take a closer look at you and your quality of work.

Another route to follow is to become well-known within a certain writing niche, and thus establish your reputation as an expert. In this respect, you can focus on article writing, eBook writing or even copy-editing. To be a specialist in a certain niche is frequently much better than trying to be a jack of all trades. This will also present you with an opportunity to market yourself much better, especially if you have managed to complete writing work for reputable people or well-known organisations.

It is essential that you also have a means of getting the word out about yourself and your freelance writing business. This can involve something as simple as having some high quality business cards printed, right up to getting your own website. In this modern day of Internet marketing, it is almost impossible for freelance writers not to have a website from where they can showcase their portfolio.

There is a great deal of importance linked to building relationships with your clients irrespective of whether you have only a few, or hundreds on your books. All of the big branding names like Nike have gone to extremes to build relationships with their millions of clients merely through their high-quality products.

Your products have the capacity to build your relationships and therefore ensure that you always provide high-quality writing and people will not only come back automatically, but also refer other potential clients.