Taking a Practical Approach for Article Rewriting

Practice of article rewriting today is not what it once used to be. With millions of contents floating on the web and more coming up at regular intervals, it has become extremely difficult to remain all original. On the other hand even while rewiring some articles or web content, it is extremely essential for the writer to keep the contents original failing which he or she may face litigations in result of copyright infringements.

Adopting a Practical Approach for rewriting articles on the web

It is however necessary for the writer rewriting web content or article to take a practical approach in performing his or her task.

Research and analysis would be a good way of eliminating any chance of getting involved in plagiarism and thereby infringing copyrights;
Having knowledge of the subject will empower the writer and in rewriting articles the writer can easily stay clear of unethical writing practices; and
It is not bad taking ideas from writing of others. What is unethical is blatantly copying their contents and passing on the same as your own.
Research for Variety can Render the Articles Rewritten More Acceptable

It would be good for the rewriter to research and go through a few articles before trying the article rewriting. Using multiple sources will not only develop their ideas about the topic but will also help them not to copy the contents from one article either. It will widen the vision and will help include varieties in writing.

Adopt a Reading Procedure Which is Essential for Good Article Rewriting

People who have good memory power can get the ideas and styles by reading the article in a cursory manner during research. However, not all are bestowed with such memory powers and grasp. Hence they may read the entire article not making it a monotonous job but reading in a pleasant manner. Thereafter it will only be a matter of time before the writer can start rewriting articles by putting his or her own words and ideas in place of the ones put forth by the original writer and there will be little similarities between the two pieces.

Rewriting Architecture That Should Be Built Up Block by Block

If writing is an art, rewriting is architecture.

Whether it is article or web content rewriting; the process has to be step by step putting one building block on top of another to get the full structure;
Using the ideas and contents derived from research sources, this building up of the rewritten contents can be easily accomplished;
Writer can either think of a new topic and title or mix up a number of topics and titles to derive one; and
Even in writing there should always be a good flow.
Practice and Variations Makes the Writer or the Rewriter Perfect

It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. Hence the writer while rewriting articles can try for variations of styles and at the same time should practice the architecture effectively. It will give them valuable experience and insight if they try out some dummy rewrites for practice.

Like article writing; coherence and flow are important in articles rewriting and it can be achieved through the three Ds of dedication, determination, and discipline.